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24 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @ProPublica: Btw, this is the story that caused trolls to attack our emails. It's a good story. You should share it. https://t.co/oc…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @andreagrimes: what if you can't win because republicans gerrymandered your district and scorched the earth with voter ID laws https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @conradhackett: Watch how income gains have shifted toward the richest Americans over time https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/08/07/opinion/leonhardt-income-inequality.html https://t.co/J5pyOt0U…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PicardTips: Picard civics tip: If there is one truth, one constant that history shows us over and over, it is that resistance is never…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mims: this is 60 times what NASA estimates it would cost to put the first person on Mars https://twitter.com/DefenseOne/status/900375090570829824”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I'm occasionally reminded that Ben Carson is in the cabinet and ... and ... oh $DEITY make it stop. End the multiverse if necessary.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: We are doubling down on the end of life Greedy primates on the edge of extinction What is death but everyone?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lmorchard: Feel like a weird & confused guy sometimes: Don't enjoy competition. Don't want power. Would rather cooperate, be useful & h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GreatDismal: Trump's speech yesterday is Hannah Arendt's concept of "the banality of evil" with both the banality and the evil cranked…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @crownsedge: @Polygon this is everything that is wrong with masculinity https://twitter.com/crownsedge/status/900407455603142657/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @350: BREAKING: A new peer-reviewed study conclusively finds that Exxon misled public about climate science. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/22/opinion/exxon-climate-change-.html?utm_content=buffer74888&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer #Ex…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven Is that far?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ruskin147: State Department Science Envoy resigns - and sends a message with first letter of each paragraph https://twitter.com/dan_kammen/status/900360794231013376”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mkramer Coding. Coding makes me happy.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ArenaFlowers: 6 hours since Big Ben fell silent. No one knows what time it is. The BBC's best guess is 1872. Dinosaurs spotted in Ipswi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: Just to clarify, it would seem that not only did our president bankrupt the Secret Service, but funneled that money to his…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @induct: When your life is a mess but everything always works out in the end. https://twitter.com/induct/status/899654336430714881/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LiberalDespot: Here is the modern BBC approach to everything. https://twitter.com/LiberalDespot/status/899731400177405952/photo/1”—@ndw
23 Aug 2017
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[T] tweeted“@RosemaryMosco Must have. Will purchase.”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @CandaceMRobb: Excellent article about the importance of history in understanding the cultural issues behind #Googlememo #medievaltwitte…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nazgul: Cool. Link includes photos showing stairs and basins designed to work in both… https://plus.google.com/+KeeHinckley/posts/LxR5LQs1eCM https://twitter.com/nazgul/status/900203480996093953/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ericgarland: I guess seeing 20 Nazis in a gazebo versus 40,000 New Englanders showed them what the actual fight would look like. Good.…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Damn it, @Sonos. And I liked your stuff. /cc @JoshNarva”—@ndw
22 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“@barefootliam Theory and practice. But when Ubuntu goes back to Gnome officially, I'll dig into it a bit. Thanks for the tip.”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“A quick thought for windowing system designers: when you create a new window, LEAVE MY #&$*@! FOCUS ALONE!”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“The shadows under trees were a shocking surprise in '79, a much anticipated delight today. #Eclipse2017”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nelhage: RT if you'd rather edit text in ed(1) than in Confluence's UX abomination of an editor.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @hackapreneur: What an epic shot of the #SolarEclipse2017 Photo created by photographer @JasmanMander #eclispe2017 #epic #EclipseFire…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @emckean: dear #digitalhumanities twitter: anyone know where I can get an XML-tagged or JSON-formatted version of Samuel Pepys' diary?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RVAwonk: You know what it's called when you're willing to work w/ a white supremacist to cut taxes to make rich white people richer? W…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @skooks: Future eclipses 2024 you can drive to Dallas 2045 you can drive to Pensacola 2078 you can take a boat out to where New Orleans…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @neiltyson: The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MiraSorvino: What are you waiting for @amazon ? Do you want to be the last one selling in the name of #hate? #dumpbreitbart https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @david_tanenhaus: My favorite Civil War era monuments are the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.”—@ndw
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21 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @pgor: Trump will not resign until he has funneled every penny possible into his private enterprises.”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @RainBlackKat: "he says he'll shoot if i don't give him my money, please help" "sorry, that's just speech and having a gun. what are you…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RainBlackKat: saying the first amendment covers nazis is like having a gun pointed at your head and the cops say "second amendment, wai…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JuddLegum: 2. When we started the war in Afghanistan, this is what a cell phone looked like https://twitter.com/JuddLegum/status/899435046968463360/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @slightlylate: ...and that isolation is self inflicted. To some degree I feel for the React team; a mess made far above their pay grade…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TommSciortino: Every few days George W Bush looks at his cursed monkey's paw and regrets wishing to not be remembered as Americas worst…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GeorgeTakei: It bears repeating: Nazis killed 6 million Jews in concentration camps. That swastika represents genocide. Remember that w…”—@ndw
20 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @danlew42: Warning: looking at the Eclipse IDE for even a few seconds can cause permanent eye damage.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ValaAfshar: The stunning 3D illusions of professor Kokichi Sugihara at Meiji Institute https://twitter.com/MachinePix/status/864543509486870528/video/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@JordanUhl @codinghorror Is losing?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jaketapper: Slavery, racism, torture, rape, treason and sedition are all worse. https://twitter.com/coreystewartva/status/856699414907367424”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @annabunches: Why do people want 'life hacks'. Hacks are complicated and prone to breaking. My life is already a pile of hacks. I want l…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlecMuffett: DreamHost disrupts U.S. DOJ plan for mass spying. Others should do the same. - Access Now https://www.accessnow.org/dreamhost-disrupts-u-s-doj-plan-mass-spying-others/”—@ndw
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19 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“@phidip @grahamfarmelo If you mean me, Niels, I wasn't eligible at the time. I'd have damned well voted against.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mmasnick @roessler It takes a while, but it's worth it.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: HOW TO MAKE STUFF try to make a thing suck at it hate self keep going suck less cupcakes and whiskey keep going suck less…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Yeah, but Scmence isn't likely to more respectful of the environment. Or anything else, really.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PositiveNewsUK: "Advertisers are the lifeblood of these papers who are churning out divisive material" - @StopFundingHate https://t.co/…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Excellent analogy by the always thoughtful @mdubinko https://twitter.com/mdubinko/status/898427652888862727”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Emma_The_Ward: Chameleons are fun cause they'll grab anything you give them. https://twitter.com/Emma_The_Ward/status/898238659341815808/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Patnspace: Painting I did in '89 titled August 21st, 2017.I actually thought 28 yrs in the future tourists might watch the eclipse from…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @atDavidHoffman: Dear God, if you want us to impeach Trump, give us a sign. Like blot out the sun… Anytime in the next week. Thanks, Am…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanAmira: In 1980 Trump demolished two historic sculptures bc removing them intact would have delayed construction of Trump Tower by a…”—@ndw
18 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @Isa_Kiko: 🎉 I made a web thing to help trace data from old paper figures: http://tracey-mctraceface.surge.sh/ ⛵ feedback welcome 🙏🏼 #wip https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dbroward: "Computers are changing the textual humanities…by mediating new connections to social science." https://tedunderwood.com/2015/06/04/seven-ways-humanists-are-using-computers-to-understand-text/”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @johnpavlovitz: Imagine the things we could all be doing if we didn't have to work tirelessly to protect ourselves from this President &…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ACLU: Don't look away. This is our president recommending we all study a lie about brutalizing Muslims. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/898254409511129088”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jbqueru: Tech companies, you can't hire women by lowering your bar, you need to raise your bar instead so women want to work with you.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@bphogan Better Off Ted is/was amazingly good.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @patrickDurusau: If You See Something, Save Something (Poke A Censor In The Eye) http://tm.durusau.net/?p=76099 @IndexCensorship @gijn @EFF #Ce…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sifuerasrosa: rt if ur ok with cancelling christopher columbus day https://twitter.com/GeraldoRivera/status/897914572106981376”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AuschwitzMuseum: One of the hardest lessons for us today. Perpetrators were people. They accepted an ideology that rationalized and pro…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @schanoes: It's not polarization to be anti-Nazi and anti-KKK. That's basic decency. The problem isn't polarization. The problem is whit…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @make_ready: a member of clergy in charlottesville, committed to pacifism, describes the moment he changed his mind on antifa https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jayrosen_nyu: Unless you enter through the door marked ASYMMETRY, you have no hope of understanding coverage of the 2016 campaign. http…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kinlane: I wonder if the increased weaponization of the automobile will evolve our car centric culture? Probably not Americans, but el…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RepMarkTakano: RT if you wish the Speaker of the House had the same moral courage as the CEO of a soup company.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Shakestweetz: I wrote a pointed response to Julius Krein's New York Times piece "I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It." https://t.…”—@ndw
17 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @emkayanders: The crying Nazi video is Nazi propaganda. Do not share it. https://twitter.com/emkayanders/status/897907963444068354/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanielPink: "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." - Dante…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @barry_corindia: Nazis and Klansmen on the street. This is the picture that needs to go viral. Not jokes about Tiki torches. https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @therealfitz: 96 percent of the Republican members of Congress are complicit in the president's racism. https://twitter.com/kumailn/status/897901526697390080”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @gadgetopia: @daveaglick Rollin' deep with my bros Lil' XPath, MC XQuery, Dr. XSLT, Big Daddy XInclude, and the Namespace Mafia, yo! #pi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: The Internet: a decentralized, global computer network run by five giant American companies from a major earthquake fault”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @owillis: To be blunt, I don't give a shit what Robert E Lee thought. He wanted us in bondage as property and fought for that. Fuck him.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattdrange: Wow. This all-staff moment of reckoning by @Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince is ... *something*. Read: https://t.co/IoCjYhBZe…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @waltshaub: Don’t feel too bad for these White House staffers whispering their embarrassment to the media. They’re embarrassed he forgot…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @waltshaub: When an American President defends nazis, it's not enough to say nazis are wrong. Members of Congress must tell the Presiden…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shannonrwatts: Here's a pic of both sides. Which one are you on? https://twitter.com/shannonrwatts/status/897673416815374337/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AstroKatie: "Grandpa, what did YOU do when Nazi sympathizers took over the White House?" "I thought maybe I could get lower taxes by co…”—@ndw
16 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @drvox: 30. ... it's MORE scary. Trump cannot control himself, even in service of his own interests, much less America's. God help us al…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheAuthorGuy: Here's the thing, if we're over-reacting, oh well, that was tense, but if we're under-reacting, who knows how bad it will…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@timbray I did the same a few months ago.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MattBors: When white supremacy is repulsive and counter to all you stand for. @SpeakerRyan https://twitter.com/MattBors/status/897581179284602880/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Sonic_Screwup: Britain has made an enemy of Europe at a time where America has turned into a Nazi dystopia. And we are too proud to tur…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @marcuschown: Highest rail fares in Europe + taxpayers pay 4 times bigger subsidy than when railways were nationalised. Don't you just l…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NeilMilliken: If you don't consider #accessibility as part of your recruitment strategy you are slamming the door on talent. #inclusion…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @icculus: Welcome to the life of an important open source project where you have a few overwhelmed people doing the work as a second ful…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FutureBoy: The president literally siding with the Nazis. Literally. https://twitter.com/anniekarni/status/897571021024264193”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @danagould: Should we start referring to United States Armed Forces as the "alt-left," since they also famously attacked Nazis?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @monteiro: Is there an app that helps you find confederate statues? Some Pokémon Go type thing. Gotta topple em all!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tommorris: I love agile. I love how often agile teams don't actually plan for documentation, QA, design/UX, ops, infosec, or training/u…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NaelSanaullah: The idea that Donald Trump isn't a rabid, incorrigible racist is a conspiracy theory at this point.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @pointlesslettrs: "Excuse me, I'm not massively and embarrassingly underprepared, I think you'll find I'm actually constructively ambigu…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Rokewood: Neo-Nazis are not another cadre of extremists, but revenants of a movement that turned Europe to a Golgotha & took civilisati…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @swin24: what decade are we in that the Russia menace news cycle was interrupted by the nuke war news cycle that was then upturned by Na…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PragueBob: HEED THIS!! When I had cancer, many acquaintances suggested "alternative medicine". I ignored them all, otherwise I wouldn't…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @robertwmartin: Truth from fiction. Thanks to @GreatDismal (aka William Gibson) for articulating this so well. https://twitter.com/robertwmartin/status/897268168523079680/photo/1”—@ndw
15 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @ANDREWTI: Ignoring the strikethroughs, this is a list of CEOs too dumb to predict that working for a white supremacist might become a P…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @pastpunditry: Statues of racists erected by racists as symbols of the enduring power of racists are probably going to be rallying point…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @McJesse: "Respect heritage" my ass- after Declaration was signed New Yorkers pulled down statue of King George, melted that shit into m…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ProPublica: "Deal would have been DOA in any other admin- Trump FCC isn't just approving it; they're practically arranging it." https:/…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alexandraerin: Nothin, if they aren't Nazis. Feminists have been called Nazis for decades and haven't unfurled a swastika flag yet. htt…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @waltshaub: In what legitimate democracy does the ruling party use the judiciary to obtain the names and reading material of its politic…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EtonOldBoys: I wonder why the Tory press have never credited Mrs Thatcher with the deregulation of the Banks in 1986, and the mess we a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonfavs: Ken Frazier resigned because the President of the United States refused to condemn white supremacists. What are the rest of yo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Madeley: Imagine the Germans getting pissy if someone suggested they take down a statue of Hermann fucking Göring.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AmunReArtist: Marching nazis are mere amateurs of white supremacy. The professionals are in the suites and would never dream of marchin…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StephenMcGann: A Nazi isn't a 'controversialist', an edgy guest in a political debate show, or a tabloid 'contrarian'. They're your ene…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JoyceCarolOates: Please RT 1 million times: it is not "left-wing"--"leftist"--to believe in equality of races, genders, citizens, ethni…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ShaunKing: ALL HANDS ON DECK. Person #2. We need to identify this man TODAY. SHARE and spread the word. https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/896830743346896898/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AnneFrankCenter: Racism has one side. Antisemitism has one side. Islamophobia has one side. Sexism has one side. Anti-LGBT hate has one…”—@ndw
14 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @dtunkelang: Dear @Twitter, it's time to live up to your own policies and shut down white supremacist / alt-right accounts used to organ…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tedlieu: Hey look, a senior White House official is afraid of tweets from a Congressman. Ivanka blocked me. Also, why is she in the Whi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kurteichenwald: Peter Cvjetanovic, a white nationalist, is upset that this photo of him has gone viral. So be nice: dont retweet this t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ShaunKing: All hands on deck. WHO IS THIS MAN with the red beard? He committed a violent felony. https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/896813795183611910/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RepDonBeyer: Donald Trump's staff asked him to personally deliver a statement denouncing white supremacists. He refused. http://yanzhao.me”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @marcoarment: If Facebook and Twitter's leaders really wanted to change the world, they'd have the guts to ban hate groups and hate spee…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BernieSanders: Our condolences go out to the family of Heather Heyer who was killed by a terrorist as she protested Neo-Nazism and whit…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattblaze: "Don't recklessly provoke nuclear conflict" and "be clearly opposed to Nazis" are presumably among the easiest parts of a Pr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheAtlantic: The clear lesson of Charlottesville? It's time to take the statues down, argues @yappelbaum https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/take-the-statues-down/536727/?utm_source=atlfb https:…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @katekilla: A white supremacy rally can't "take a violent turn." Violence is present at its inception. It's all violence, all the way do…”—@ndw
13 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @dhmspector: So, where does Gen. John #Kelly stand on #Trump’s coddling of #NeoNazis. Is this what he signed up for? Asking for 350MM fr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jensimmons: "We have to consider both sides" Where did I hear that before? Oh right, when men in a local tech meetup were threatening t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BFriedmanDC: Too late, my dudes. Your brand is now associated with Nazis. NAZIS. https://twitter.com/BFriedmanDC/status/896579294767357952/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mat_johnson: Mediocre men marching in Charlottesville to protect their right not to have to compete with everyone else on equal footing.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahkendzior: Actions GOP legislators can take to accompany condemnation: 1) Protect voter rights 2) Work to remove nazis from admin…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LarrySabato: A favorite JFK quote: "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JohnDingell: I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I'll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no plac…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @petridishes: our president is always eager to point out that a boot might possibly have been damaged in the course of crushing a face”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: You know, when the history of this era is written, I want the record to show I was firmly on the side of "Fuck this fucking Naz…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FutureBoy: One of the reasons I'm proud to hold a green card. https://twitter.com/JC_Scutts/status/896529305446084608”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @joshuadubois: Christian leaders: if you were waiting for your signal to speak out strongly and show clear moral leadership against hate…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kellymagsamen @CherylRofer @splcenter Every. Damn. Month. Since November.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonbernhardt: I dunno man I feel like we heard all the Nazi arguments 80 years ago, and then we executed them for their crimes”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Carnage4Life: Would save everyone a bunch of time just to retweet this every day. https://twitter.com/hillaryclinton/status/776826132691881985”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brianklaas: Is President Trump going to finally mention the words radical white supremacy? If he doesn't, he should immediately resign…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davepell: Now you know what you're up against. Vote.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NellSco: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to privately wince. https://twitter.com/jeffzeleny/status/896476039869849600”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ejacqui: Somebody died today in broad daylight in the US thanks to white supremacists and the President can't get up any balls & blames…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kurteichenwald: Anyone who does not abandon a political party led by a man unable to condemn white supremacists and nazis is without mo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RWPUSA: The Alt Right is a terrorist movement. Steve Bannon and Breitbart gave it a platform which is now in the White House. They mu…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattyglesias: Congressional Republicans torn as usual between hope that Trump's racism will help them cut taxes for millionaires and fe…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ACLU: We, like counter-protesters & others around our country, won't be intimidated. We work daily to fight systems & policies of white…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Papapishu: We must must make the rise of white supremacy an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party and everyone complicit.”—@ndw
12 Aug 2017
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[T] tweeted“/me closes 87 tabs of search results for variations of gradle, maven, sonatype, basicrepositorycontainerfactory, and extra strong cocktails.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Wasting three or four hours trying to figure out WTF first is also a requirement. Apparently. https://twitter.com/xmlcalabash/status/896365440519335936”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahjeong: It's fascinating to me that the same people who sneer at affirmative action are afraid immigrants are going to take their j…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @stgileshospice: A very happy birthday to Fred who is 91 on Monday. Fred attends our computer club and we promised to make him famous on…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheAuthorGuy: As long as this conflict is in bluster mode, the North Koreans are winning. As soon as a shot is fired, everyone is losin…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: 'Justin bieber fan' is a hell of a euphemism for 'white terrorist' https://twitter.com/dailymirror/status/894597948557938689”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“Stepping away from a project for just a few weeks gives you a new appreciation for how volatile everything is.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/896192923183845376”—@ndw
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11 Aug 2017
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[T] tweeted“@peteaven @allyrdatarb2us /me searches under the sink and in the back of the pantry and damn it where is that fire extinguisher!?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mdubinko I don't think that's the one I saw recently. It looks very cool, but doesn't support #Scala, alas.”—@ndw
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10 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“Trying to build something, discover that (some new version of) gradle executes scripts with a different cwd. #deathbyframeworks”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“Someone recently(ish) tweeted about a new actor framework for the JVM: lightweight and simple. Swore I saved a link. Failed. #lazyweb ?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @robinberjon: That’s… not actually news to anyone. https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/895417684757626880”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: Carl Sagan predicted 2017 on page 40 of The Demon Haunted World. Published in 1996. https://twitter.com/KStreetHipster/status/894574338409672708/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ediefr Only one of the things. And I'm not convinced it's anywhere near the most dangerous.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@djfractal Tell her about #Balisage !”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @djfractal: Some of my Mom's old FORTRAN code ran for longer than That Dude Who Thinks Women Are Bad Engineers has been alive.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word(s) of the day: “crown shyness” - phenomenon whereby individual tree crowns avoid overlap or touch, forming strikin…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @vojtechtoman: If you're building a webapp for the long term, limit the client side to bare minimum. The web browser is an inherently un…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JessicaValenti: The height of male entitlement is believing one man losing his job is worse than thousands of female employees being di…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers I don't imagine he understands the roots of any thing deeper than his scalp.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DrPsyBuffy: So, my kid had high school orientation today. What she gave the most detail about afterward wasn’t what I thought it would…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EvenWeirderMove: a series of posts where a dude acts like he's arguing in good faith but is just reciting alt-right talking points the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: ‘Americans Should Sleep Well at Night,’ Tillerson Says, ‘As Proper Rest Is Essential To A Full Day of Screaming’”—@ndw
09 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @70sBachchan: @gabriel_zucman ∴ Broken Politics of the United States, in One Simple Chart ;) https://twitter.com/70sBachchan/status/894782984942870528/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NateSilver538: No idea what the right military strategy is in North Korea, but I worry that Trump might think it's good politics to pro…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KenTremendous: This North Korea thing is really scary, but don't worry -- we have our worst people on it.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DeanBaker13: The stock market is not a measure of economic well-being, it is a measure of expected corporate profits https://t.co/RxAbt…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: Spoiler: The DOJ is currently headed up by a malignant racist who doesn't want brown people to vote. https://twitter.com/SenSherrodBrown/status/895099721781522437”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @williamlegate: Spread this far & wide. Divide & conquer Trump's remaining 33%. Make them pick a side. Psychological warfare. https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mathling Rock on, Mary, rock on.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CherylRofer: 8. Trump has no idea he needs to learn anything. So we can expect this to continue until a Republican Congress puts countr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AstroKatie: Just to be entirely clear, if Donald Trump decides, for literally any reason, to launch nuclear weapons, no one has the pow…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @rdeltour: Many of my favorite twitter and tech people are women. That they have to *constantly* struggle in hostile sexist territory is…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kelliotttt: WEIRD how none of these guys ever argue that because our ladybrains are better at communication and teamwork we should be p…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dangillmor: Hollywood thinks people are going to fork over $10 a month for 20 different, content-limited streaming services. I think th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jaffathecake: Those who biologically discriminate cannot be trusted to manage a team. Cannot be trusted to review peers. Cannot conduct…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jensimmons: The best tonic: to remember original intentions. To love. To make space for all the people who want the same. To be honest.…”—@ndw
08 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @pahlkadot: Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie or establish the truth. - MLK https://twitter.com/pahlkadot/status/894776304624517121/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@scalzi I try to remember that every day. #Balisage”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ericallenhatch: 2016: Hope we see single-payer this decade 2020: Hope the villain from Back to the Future 2 loses to the villain from…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sannewman: Rich people believe that, if they were poor people, they would be rich.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahmei: Insist on not hiring for a role until you've interviewed at least two people from under-represented groups.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @aral: If your model falls apart when you have to respect basic human dignity maybe what you were disrupting were basic human rights #Si…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonbir90: The fastest 100m times ever. Those caught doping struck out in red. https://twitter.com/jonbir90/status/893947320554881024/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alicegoldfuss: Google and similar places think that focusing solely on technical skills produces pure engineers who can be taught how t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @timbray: No. Production is OK. It's just that nobody cares what they say. https://twitter.com/filloux/status/894455706174316544”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@laurendw Yup. Wish the damned tweets were rationally threaded though.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@lmorchard Nope. I don't think that's weird at all.”—@ndw
07 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“It's been a long time since I came home from a conference with a nasty head cold. If it's a long time before it happens again, good. #bleh”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@xchaotic I'm forced to interact with Outlook/Exchange, it's already too late.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MuslimIQ: A jerk Muslim could throw a 🍅 at a church & POTUS would take USA to threat level Red—but an actual IED detonated at a mosque:…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AthertonKD: "Replace every golf course with solar power" sounds like a great idea tbh https://twitter.com/richardmeyerdc/status/894279463818715136”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DogSolutions: you ask, Up to someting? no, never. Please, trust dog. https://twitter.com/DogSolutions/status/894341477752590336/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @vkgreg: every time a white male says diversity means 'lowering the bar' they basically out themself as a racist”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarah_edo: All of the women in my timeline are feeling beat down by this industry and angry. The men are mostly still just making JavaS…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @markimbriaco: Never, ever de-emphasize empathy if you want to do meaningful work. Empathy is not a bug, it is THE feature of high perfo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Kellblog: When it Twitter going to start taking responsibility for bots and automated propaganda spreading? Pollutes the site.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mathling One of the clan (klan?) has invested in nursing homes and has some ideas about how to increase profits.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PSLiterary: "Read, read, read! The best way to become a successful writer is to be a passionate reader." —Susan Hawk #writingtips”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @neuroraf: The Fourier Transform in one color-coded sentence: https://twitter.com/neuroraf/status/893797223191982081/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mattyglesias @slightlylate In fairness, there's nothing odd about that coming from Ryan.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@Renevelation @Wiz6669 Not only would I, but innumerable opportunities have been given to demonstrate such evidence. It. Never. Happens.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheAuthorGuy: In case it slipped your mind. RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! When they say, "This is only to obstruct the President" You say,…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @laparisa: Inclusion is not a zero-sum game. Making your team or organization a more inclusive place for X does not mean discrimination…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @johnmaeda: “We found 13% improvement in performance from people working at home.” —@StanfordBiz https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/why-working-home-future-looking-technology”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chriseppstein: If you're in tech & your timeline isn't full of people who are extremely pissed off at Google rn, you're living in a bro…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lauriegannon: @PhilStarkz @chris_manzo Please tell me this is called "Jurassic Parkour"”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @zeynep: It took me 45 min to set up a Google cloud printer. Why? Google can't write documentation. Maybe y'all aren't so smart and need…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @cindygallop: All the traits the manifesto described as “female” are the core traits which make someone successful at engineering" https…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @thereaIbanksy: Always concerning http://9nl.pw/7-5712-1563”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sehnaoui: Lunar eclipse. The flat earth version. https://twitter.com/sehnaoui/status/893860462022074368/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Hmm. I've let a quarter of a million messages accumulate in my Outlook "Inbox" folder. What could possibly go wrong?”—@ndw
06 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @Carnage4Life: The fact response was penned by the "Chief Diversity Officer" and not the CEO or head of HR is all you need to know about…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @doctortovey: Back home from #Balisage. Best conference ever. If you're interested in markup, come next year - you won't regret it!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@nazgul Gorgeous!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BadLegalLLP: Remember kids, work hard and one day you can be that guy with his work laptop out at the cottage, promising this'll just t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @constantine_jn: In a nutshell, why do a lot of developers dislike Agile? #hehIndeed http://brianknapp.me/developers-dislike-agile/”—@ndw
05 Aug 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @DarthPutinKGB: If @theresa_may thinks human rights can be changed as needed, then they're not rights. They're temporary privileges & th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Snowden: Want to see a politician clearly? Remove emotional words from their statements. "If human rights laws get in the way, we will…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Bopuc: I've severe misgivings abt the rampant digitalization of everything going on, specially in face of inevitable ecological & socie…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @neiltyson: That's why we invented methods & tools of science: To remove dependence on the brain’s sensory system https://t.co/LbSW5FYyZ…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @4everNeverTrump: They. Are. Literally. In. The. Constitution. https://twitter.com/GoAngelo/status/893294779987001345”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davidsirota: REVEALED: Here's where Scott Walker is trying to slip language into legislation exempting Foxconn from enviro laws https:/…”—@ndw
[H] opened ogham/exa#241
04 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“"I'm not a f#####g robot." #Balisage”—@ndw
03 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“"Every question is a squirrel." #Balisage”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Nomic is like Werewolf on steroids. Or anti-steroids. Or something.”—@ndw
02 Aug 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @JimMFelton: "Hi son. No, I don't care you were fired. I don't care if you die homeless and I'll tell you why- look at this banana, boy.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lecanardnoir: Remember the campaign? "This is going to be hard. Many lost jobs. We will be poorer. You will lose your rights. But it wi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Jim_Sheridan: When Trump said he'd "Give every American a Job" I didn't realise there's was just one job & they'd all get a turn.. #moo…”—@ndw
01 Aug 2017
[T] tweeted“#Balisage always makes me want to work in the digital humanities. So much interesting research, so many inspirational people.”—@ndw
31 Jul 2017
[T] tweeted“@LouiseRawAuthor @severedelays Yeah. Ok. A good one, too.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@severedelays @LouiseRawAuthor Really? [citation needed] I want it to be true, but ...”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: Area Man With Two Divorces and Four Bankruptcies Doesn't Like Quitters https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/891397134662193152”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BeauWillimon: Soon we will have: Single Payer Livable Wages Clean Energy Because we'll keep fighting And history is on our side Trum…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BeauWillimon: Trump isn't impressive Trump isn't intimidating Trump isn't inspiring Trump is just increasingly Irrelevant Inchoate Weak”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KentBeck: Alternative to estimates: do the most important thing until either it ships or it is no longer the most important thing”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @existentialcoms: The fact that we think that if AI gets too smart it will destroy humanity says more about humanity than it does AI.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CaseyMalone: A bunch of ding dongs with frogs in their display names are upset that we put Mockingbird in Marvel Puzzle Quest with this…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KeohaneDan: Ah lads. "UK Home Office admits it hasn't consulted any external experts on effect of Brexit on Irish Border". https://t.…”—@ndw
30 Jul 2017
[T] tweeted“@jclip Yeah. UX fail. Will see what I can shake loose schedule wise!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brownlashon: "no active warrants" is an odd yet intentionally malicious way of saying "innocent man" https://twitter.com/wmcactionnews5/status/889932890183696385”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@geoffarnold @jclip I replied to what I thought was a text but it was a texted DM. Stupid UI.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JamesMelville: A handout to the rich is called an "incentive" but an incentive to the poor is called a "handout".”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @anneapplebaum: After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than poli…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @aubreyhirsch: Today I have a comic up at @thenib about how hard it is to get a doctor to listen to you when you're a woman. https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Note to self: do not tattoo onto my arm things I do not fully understand. https://twitter.com/isislovecruft/status/891051232248201216”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tschneidereit: In case you were wondering what the big deal is about walled gardens https://twitter.com/jonrussell/status/891221889074565120”—@ndw
29 Jul 2017
[T] tweeted“Got bags and stuff. Would love to catch up but think I'll do the slog out to Rockville tonight. Around this coming week?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Hello DCA!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @helenprejean: Let it close. Incarceration for profit is fundamentally unjust and a terrible public policy. https://twitter.com/keegannyc/status/890541716343857152”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @virgiltexas: dunno how one watches the President command ICE and every thug cop to brutalize minorities and conclude that the left need…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brucel: A marvellous piece by Real Scientist @DrJenGunter on Gwyneth Paltrow's new age woo and snake oil empire https://drjengunter.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/goops-misogynistic-mansplaining-hit-job/”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @charles_gaba: He's freaking out this morning. Someone jangle some keys in front of him or something. https://twitter.com/charles_gaba/status/891264808141680641/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alanferrier: Just two of the many gobsmacking paragraphs in this utterly excoriating #Brexit critique from the @nytimes. https://twitter.com/bhaggs”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @heathermvincent: @StopFundingHate Very disappointed @marksandspencer @waitrose I order a lot of flowers as gifts. I have now found a ne…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jennyyangtv: Giving McCain the credit for defeating this repeal when female Senators Murkowski & Collins were early NOs is EVERY WORK M…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Bro_Pair: I think one of the darker & more overlooked story lines is the continuing accumulation of power by ex/current generals amidst…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AndrewBatesNC: So @Reince, I know you just lost your insurance, but it's OK - you can STILL find coverage here: https://www.healthcare.gov/”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Boarded AUS. Bound for #Balisage !”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AdmiralJarok: “SHOW THE OTHER SIDE!” -frustrated customer at the Möbius Strip Club”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GaryRayBetz: Trump is a bigot's idea of a tolerant man, a coward's idea of a hero, a cyber bully's idea of a wit, and a rapist's idea o…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @evacide: 100% of all terrorists breathe oxygen. Supporting oxygen is basically supporting terrorism.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BrexitBin: Brexit will be a boom for the international asset strippers. They'll strip this country bare.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @drewharwell: Congratulations, the not-currently-on-fire are paying for firefighters https://twitter.com/pvolpe/status/890917978589585408”—@ndw
28 Jul 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @yashar: Former Prime Minister of Finland https://twitter.com/alexstubb/status/890234235839184896”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BadAstronomer: The only glimmer of hope I have about the evilness of the Trump administration is just how profoundly they are bumbling…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: Again, congrats to conservative white evangelicals for making all this possible. https://twitter.com/ashleyrparker/status/890680841696944131”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jmakeig: @Kellblog Local minimum. We’re not anywhere close to the depths to which they’ll sink.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @xeni: They’re lying. Obamacare saved me from death, & bankruptcy on the way out. Don’t believe them. This doesn’t make sense because it…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Imamofpeace: The principles of equality and coexistence aren't present in societies that consider religion to be superior to human righ…”—@ndw
27 Jul 2017
[T] tweeted“Dear @AskAmex, I've been a member for almost 30 years. Your decision to promote Uber makes me question my continued membership.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@pgor Very nice! Congratulations!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonasdowney: Writing tip: Never write "TL;DR". Just edit your overly long shit.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @matthewjdowd: Ummm, didn't Pres. Obama have Bin Laden killed and didn't Pres. Trump wander into ladies rooms at Miss AMerica pageants?…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ElaineStead: "any man who is uncomfortable with the empowerment of women is simply afraid that the only thing he has going for him is t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chasestrangio: You know what's expensive? War. You know what isn't? My healthcare.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ACLU: All senators must say no to cuts to Medicaid and to any proposal that caps Medicaid funding.THAT is the way to show Medicaid is i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Madeley: For every RT I will pet him & call him a good boy & he will try and rip my arm off https://twitter.com/Madeley/status/890323646446784512/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: The irony of this coming from someone who so clearly worships money. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/890260758050856961”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@sdtimes @XMLArbyter "may be"?”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“@kinnoha @w3ctag @FT /me waves”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @adamcbest: Lyin' Ted living up to his namesake. Economy added 24K health jobs per month so far in 2017. Repealing Obamacare would kill…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @espiers: No, we separate church and state, you craven morally vacuous meatball in a golf shirt. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/890260758050856961”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@KariByron Tots standard. Required, perhaps.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BillKristol: In America the president doesn't tell us who or what or whether to worship. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/890260758050856961”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Independent: Former British EU negotiator: Brexit would have been terrible even if done well. It's not being done well https://t.co/iFv…”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“Tip o' the day: do not slam a sliding door on an extension cord. Especially one that's plugged in. #indoorlightning #briefly”—@ndw
26 Jul 2017
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[T] retweeted“RT @nazgul: “I’m sick of helping perpetuate racist laws just because I’m not inconvenienced by them.” https://plus.google.com/+KeeHinckley/posts/413z3rqmGwR https://t.co/…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kendall: I've known toddlers with busier calendars. https://twitter.com/kendall/status/890063846446116867/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @whiskeyandwaves: being an adult is weird bc u get to do things u wanted to do as a kid except with the burden of knowing that leisure i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @billmckibben: Not just Exxon. Amazing reporting shows U.S. utilities researched, understood climate 35 years ago. And then lied https:/…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FutureBoy: And in only the third most nightmarish story of the day ... https://twitter.com/bbchealth/status/889894434099392512”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @antichrista: Bright side: As these historic moments pile up, perhaps we'll all be crushed to death by the weight of future generations’…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @deepakguptalaw: With all eyes on the Senate, the House quietly voted today to take away your right to sue big banks, predatory lenders…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JoyAnnReid: Mark this day. If you lose your healthcare, particularly if you are on Medicaid, this is when it began. These are the men w…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Jeaniene_Frost: To anyone who'd say "I'm here for your books. Stop being political!" I can't write if I'm dead, so health ins is more t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EliseThatcher: For the sake of better governance,may today's Senators one day experience the profound healthcare uncertainty now inflic…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenKamalaHarris: I’ve been reading your tweets, and I know you’re frustrated – but this isn’t the time to be discouraged. The health ca…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @benwikler: Any senator who votes yes on the motion to proceed today has lost the right to be taken seriously when complaining about pro…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @rickygervais: If a religious text that calls for the death of atheists & blasphemers isn't hate speech, then neither is condemning it a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @manwhohasitall: "Women should be paid more than men because their salaries aren't just for them, it's for their husband & children too.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Taniel: D.C. has 0 senator but more residents than WY, whose 2 senators were decisive today to advancing a bill that triples D.C.'s uni…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @samswey: Then how did white people end up owning 98% of America's land and 90% of its wealth? https://twitter.com/tianathefirst/status/889930043757121536”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BrianSpanner1: Thank fuck the USA does not have the death penalty or this tweet would look stupid. https://twitter.com/tedcruz/status/889621865161011208”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ThatTimWalker: Brexit is dead. How long do we all have to keep tip-toeing around the corpse, being too polite to acknowledge this awkwa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @rosannecash: On a day when everything good feels debased, scorned & mocked, @desavia posts this pic and I start crying in public. https…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kurteichenwald: Any president, of any party, who gave a speech like Trump gave to Boy Scouts would be hounded out of office. We have no…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @paulkrugman: Why break all norms of good governance? Because they know they're doing something terrible https://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2017/07/25/the-great-health-care-coverup/?smid=tw-share”—@ndw
25 Jul 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @samswey: We need to ban rich white men from government until they demonstrate the capacity to help someone other than themselves.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @richard_littler: I wish everything was as fucked as it was when I first thought it was fucked.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @xeni: Actually the technical term for a cancer patient who leaves their hospital bed to steal health care from fellow cancer patients i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JoyAnnReid: So it happened. McCain returned to the Senate to a standing ovation, and promptly voted to take away millions of people's h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @teenagesleuth: Imagine, if you will, the Senate voting on a bill (that none of them have even seen) to remove 22 million Americans from…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AntonellisCHZ: Hiring in Austin TX! All paid living wage, more for experienced mongers and CCPs. Paid time off (vacation, sick),... htt…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @howardtayler: Also, our jobs encourage us to empathize with people who are not us, and who do not want to die. https://twitter.com/OfficiallyAlly/status/889838055015698432”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @clmazin: No shit? Intentional absence of medicine isn't effective? https://twitter.com/BI_Science/status/889501211648548869”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LOLGOP: Imagine a bill to take away your guns to be voted on in 16 hours & no one had seen it. Now imagine it was millions of kids' hea…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JordanUhl: They’re....asking a doctor....if McCain can come vote....to take away peoples’ healthcare.... https://twitter.com/burgessev/status/889582280833892353”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DerekCressman: There are no more norms. None of this is normal. Trump, Gorsuch, McConnell, Bannon, Scaramucci, healthcare that kills. N…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @samswey: Rich white men shouldn't have the power to unilaterally structure our healthcare system to benefit themselves at everyone else…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@jtauber Ugh. Good luck!”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“@distobj We learned nothing.”—@ndw
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