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Norman Walsh maintains this site. It used to be for publishing software and resources but, twenty odd years in [yes, twenty!], those are mostly distributed elsewhere. There’s some archival stuff here and a few odds and ends. The activity stream is the only thing that’s regularly updated. Enjoy your stay. If you're interested in the stuff here, you may also be interested in norm's weblog. Or not. Only you can decide.

You can also find norm on Twitter, GitHub, Flickr (but see also his own site), the book of face (rarely), LinkedIn, Google+, and probably a dozen other places too.

And now, for your amusement:

Norm's activity stream

17 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @StopFundingHate: First there was fake news funded by adverts, then there were @Facebook adverts about fake news, then there were fake F…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jirkakosek: I'm not sure to what today's drink are devoted. Marriage anniversary, my wife's PhD or to Aretha Franklin. Truly mixed feel…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: No, as a professor, I understand the Civil War was fought over slavery, because that's what the South repeatedly said the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StopFundingHate: Did you know that @Facebook had been called out by the United Nations over hate speech fuelling anti-Muslim violence i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jmakeig: I just donated to @JanzforCongress. If you’re in the US, so should you. He has a good shot to defeat Devin Nunes, one of the w…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KCoxDC: What I want in my timeline is: 1. Tweets from the accounts I follow 2. In the order in which they were tweeted. That's it. No…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheTattooedProf: Hi there-Civil War historian here. So, uh...this is really, really far from "The Truth." Got a minute? /1 https://t.co…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @will_c_fischer: What if — hear me out — we didn’t have a system that required a person battling cancer to rely on the generosity of the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HoarseWisperer: Your father has cheated on every one of his wives including your mother. https://twitter.com/erictrump/status/1030273215141175298”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shaunspalding: RT if you're a male dev and can v.easily talk to female devs without worrying about being creepy or misogynistic. 🙋‍♂️ h…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Indeed. Alas, I sometimes get stuck in tools that aren't Emacs (gasp! shock! horror!)”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter I'll have to see if I can train myself to do that.”—@ndw
[H] pushed master in ndw/xmlcalabash2
16 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @midsomerplots: A local jam magnate is found converted into binary and uploaded to the Internet. Suspicion falls on Lower Pampling’s Sha…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EulersNephew: Here's a copy of @MrCoreyMath 's mathematician posters. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxHzSt5d0tsMRFJobk8xMm0tZlk And here's an editable link to the evol…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: Just as a PSA: I used to mute trolls, but lately I’ve decided just to block them immediately, if only to spare others in…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @astropixie: .@LSST will have the biggest digital camera in the world. How big? The size of a car OR big enough to fit 240 corgis inside…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jeanqasaur: Been talking to students who are figuring out what they want to do with their lives. My advice: many people rarely know exa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlSweigart: Normally when I frame conservative thinking as "Life is pretty much fair for me, I don't know what these other people are c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JamesGleick: Here is the Kremlin openly gloating that Trump is eliminating their opponents in the U.S. intelligence services. While Tr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JoshNarva: I have more than one different stain. I have more than one button open. And I have reached the “trouble breathing” stage.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BenLaurie: Prediction: eventually "decentralised" identity will announce they have solved the revocation/recovery problem. The solution…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ArykanotErika: @AngryBlackLady Baby its 2018. When you open your eyes it's beer:30”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chris__martin: because the offical clients show me 1. ads 2. enraging takes from people I don't follow https://twitter.com/robjohnson/status/1030122332243734528”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @danpfeiffer: I'm shocked to find out that on the 700th try trickle down economics still doesn't work https://twitter.com/BLS_gov/status/1029768617985024000”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @xchaotic: Actually, I'm going to make a more general hypothesis - are blockchains a solution for X? Probably not. https://t.co/cK5QjJLq…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @peterdaou: CONSIDER THIS: It would take only TWO Republican senators to bring this Trump train to a screeching halt. Just TWO patri…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @maddow: Significant development -- 3 Senate Dems say they have new evidence SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was not truthful under oat…”—@ndw
15 Aug 2018
[P] PhotoTouch bar with IntelliJTouch bar with IntelliJ”
[T] tweeted“@HeathrowExpress It wouldn't download and the reviews suggest I'm probably happier that way. Good luck with the new version!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Wow. The @HeathrowExpress app seems to be a complete, er, I was going to say a kind of wreck but that seems in bad… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1029664269011480576”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @petestrozk: I wasn’t going to speak out, but you all have inspired me: I am humbled beyond belief by the American people and their su…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @notpeterstrzok: LeBron James & Don Lemon are "dumb," Maxine Waters has a "low IQ," black NFL players are "sons of bitches" and now Omar…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @quaplek: I wish Twitter had a 'show context' button on each tweet. It would take you to the place in that account's timeline for that t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanRather: ...In other news, the Twitter feed of the President of the United States this morning was unhinged, undemocratic, a breach o…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@patrickDurusau @britishairways Friends, family, a wedding, an XProc workshop in Leipzig, and XML Summer School.”—@ndw
14 Aug 2018
[T] tweeted“I love the ‘47, but @britishairways really works hard to make it uncomfortable. At least this one isn’t 100% full.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1029511748150288385”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Inner_knowing: A reality show in which CEOs have to live off their lowest paid employee’s salary for a month.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LinguaCelta: I've been thinking about recent issues on linguistics Twitter, and finally it all coalesced into a blog post. LinguaCelta:…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @notpeterstrzok: We currently live in a country where an FBI agent lost his job for sending anti Trump text messages, yet Trump is still…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @rsg: I’m deeply embarrassed that Peter Strzok’s career was ruined by my father’s political grandstanding. That committee hearing was a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @villi: I find this so incredibly frustrating! https://twitter.com/johncarlosbaez/status/1029165516458348545”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Carnage4Life: I honestly think about this all the time. Forcing minorities to live in economically depressed neighborhoods either via l…”—@ndw
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#506
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#506
[T] retweeted“RT @jp4gs: My wife and I recently got married and decided that neither of us would change our last names. Some people disagree with this ap…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @meagantrott: It's weird that ppl interpret the moral of The Pied Piper story as "Don't trust strangers" when really it's "Always pay fr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @paulkrugman: A funny thing happens when you demonize universal health care, nutritional aid, and unemployment benefits as "socialism":…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @OmarNajam: *teacher sees students sharing a note* Teacher: why don’t you read that out loud Student: [reading note] Dear teacher, thi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @existentialcoms: Donald Trump ran on a platform of racism, and won because America is racist. The important takeaways from these event…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @can: The original sin of the internet will always be relying on advertising to fund our information architecture. Without exaggeration,…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @doctortovey: JUST LOOK at the beautiful fabric on this blouse. It’s mine, and I’m gonna look like a puffy-sleeved botanical manual and…”—@ndw
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[H] pushed master in markupdeclaration/meetings
13 Aug 2018
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[T] retweeted“RT @MarkRichardson: startup idea: a housecleaning app that connects people who need things cleaned with writers who are trying to avoid wri…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @samswey: A party where 8 in 10 people support racism is a racist party. https://twitter.com/facethenation/status/1028695045073977344”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @emrazz: If you’re a liberal coming for Pelosi without multiple, cogent examples of why you find her objectionable, you’ve either been s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Alysonesque: A year ago this rally drew hundreds of open neonazis. Today it drew twenty. They admit it’s because they don’t feel safe.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @docum3nt: If you need to forge a document, it's so important to go to a professional forger, not try to do it yourself 😃 https://twitter.com/iok”—@ndw
12 Aug 2018
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[H] deleted iss-398 at ndw/3.0-specification
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[T] retweeted“RT @Ronald_vanLoon: A Harvard Mathematician Reveals How #Algorithms Are Making Police And Courts More Biased by @BI_Video | #ML #MachineLe…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @peteaven: Excellent analysis on the most predominate in practice and frequently deployed of Software Architectures: The Big Ball of Mud…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @_james_fuller: setup my macbook pro (32GB!) - dotfiles git repo + stow, nix-env manages most apps/deps like emacs, dnsmasq, irssi, keyb…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HTHRFLWRS: "We're having a problem sending email out of the department." "What's the problem?" I asked. "We can't send mail more than…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @authorialfuries: Damn Fine Story by @ChuckWendig is worth the price of admission for the footnotes alone. I'm cry-laughing at a coffee…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @krassenstein: Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours, without complaining once, resulting in 0 charges. Trump is either: a) a comple…”—@ndw
11 Aug 2018
[T] tweeted“@m_shellenberger Pulverized angle brackets and declarative markup oil every day.”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski I have a personal style?”—@ndw
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[H] created wiki page in markupdeclaration/scratchpad
[T] tweeted“Well that's a little disconcerting. If you search for "norm walsh" on Google, you get an info box that appears to b… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1028258441125613568”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @simonstl: You, and everyone, and everything, are made of the past.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@bphogan I’ve got chunkwm on a secondary machine. Not sure I’m sold yet.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@bphogan Emacs. But since I read your book, tmux too :-)”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @williamnhutton: Jim Ratcliffe, leading Brexiter and founder of Ineos, is not only relocating to Monaco he is considering moving much of…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KaivanShroff: McConnell’s approvals are 5% lower than Pelosi’s — you NEVER hear the media question his leadership.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HugoGiraudel: Given how straight-forward HTML is, it's quite surprising how many front-end developers don't know its fundamentals. Don…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathling: A great stream of threads. The sad truth is that much of my industry is systemically hostile to actual engineering of softwa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Karnythia: Either way, Twitter's already dead. It doesn't know it yet, but these decisions guarantee a platform overrun by the kid of u…”—@ndw
10 Aug 2018
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#482
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#482
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#482
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#482
[H] commented issue xproc/3.0-specification#480
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[T] retweeted“RT @antoniafrances: At the dentist, Eastern European driver pops in and asks in accented but understandable English if they are expecting a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: As long as we're discussing the right way to respond to the "debate me!" crowd, I still recommend this approach. https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bookofsand: Someone said foxes are cat software running on dog hardware, and I totally buy that https://twitter.com/hourlyFox/status/1027302190040473617”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MEPFuller: Are the people who have been tweeting about how much Medicare for all would cost *also* tweeting about how much a new branch…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @timbray: Big politics blog offers 100% ad-free option for subscribers. Going from “less ads” to “no ads” means you can make your site…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TrancewithMe: First they came for the Nazis, and I was like IT WAS ABOUT FUCKING TIME. Then the racists started crying, and I'm like…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GeneralGee_: White people get $50k checks from their elderly grandparents. Black people are buying their elderly grandparents grocerie…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mochamomma: Betsy Devos could owe Michigan $2.4 million in taxes on her yacht but she avoids paying it & exempts herself from stricter…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrisoldwood: Pro Tip: don't try and name a function by looking at its implementation as you'll only come up with a name that reflects…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MichaelSkolnik: The swing voter in November will not be the Republican to Democrat or Democrat to Republican. It will be the non-vote…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @justinhendrix: Twitter's CEO admits his platform spreads disinformation, but puts the onus for confronting it on the dwindling ranks of…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @david_megginson: Tired of the BS claim that we're "rewriting history" by taking down a statue. One generation puts the statue up to mak…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mnot: @binarybits @roessler The rampant abuse of your browsing data isn’t obvious either.”—@ndw
09 Aug 2018
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[T] retweeted“RT @blaine: Ultimately, @jack and Twitter's decision not to ban Alex Jones is wrong. The real problem, though, is that we've given the pow…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brianschatz: Asbestos shouldn’t be legal. Cars should be fuel efficient. We have a right to clean air and water. Our national parks and…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @simonw: NNIH: Not-Not-Invented-Here syndrome, where new engineers at an organization attempt to replace in-house solutions with off-the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Scholten4Iowa: First @SteveKingIA was named "Worst Congressman." Then he made @RollingStone 's "Hateful Eight" bigots in Congress. Toda…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RVAwonk: NEW: @Maddow obtained secret audio of Devin Nunes speaking at an event for Cathy McMorris Rogers, where he admits there is sti…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tabatkins: Easy explainer: a "blockchain" is a linked list with an append-only restriction, and appending is made incredibly expensive…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mtracey: "Jack" disclosed on Hannity today that Twitter takes into account "off-platform behavior" in its moderation decisions. So some…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PicardTips: Picard morality tip: If one side of a conflict preaches purity of bloodline above communal benefit for all, join the other…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @littlemiss_WDE: Biggest scam ever: apartments charging pet fees but not children fees. My cat literally lays on a blanket all day while…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@msokolov Yeah, that was my solution to this transient shell window in which I start some apps before I learned about disown.”—@ndw
08 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: Have you considered adding a new rule against users who harass the parents of dead kindergartners so much that they have t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @joepublic99: Dutch Gov has told its business that dealing with UK manufacturers will hit them 5-10% on bottom line so better swap to EU…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LinguaCelta: Partner: How’d the reading go today? Me: I am find out about the grammars and how the speakers are do an understand of the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @hcayless: My post-#balisage hacking weekend results: CETEIcean with arbitrary XML markup vocabulary support! Here’s a sneak preview usi…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@amyvdh Niiiice!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @austinyorski: HUGE plot hole in reality: every person carries around a device with access to the totality of human knowledge and yet pe…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @petertimmins3: In seven months time EU citizens will have one less country that they can freely move to, for work, studies or retiremen…”—@ndw
07 Aug 2018
[T] tweeted“How have I been doing shell scripting for a couple of decades and I'm only just learning about 'disown' now?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Hey @Europcar if you want me to add a virtual card to my wallet, you're going to have to put a link to that on your… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1026837136048381953”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jtauber: Tomorrow I have a meeting on Oxford Street, Cambridge. Which is actually Harvard.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alicegoldfuss: SOCIETY: do you support Alex Jones? FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: APPLE: no, and w-- FACEBOOK: --e w…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @stealthygeek: First they came for Alex Jones, and I said nothing because the entire point of that poem was a warning against letting fa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Frances_Coppola: I am sick and tired of hearing ignoramuses like Bernard Jenkin claim that the Millenium bug didn't exist. IT DID. I wo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DoctorGML: In honor of Rick Gates torpedoing Paul Manafort's entire life in court today, I hereby submit, once again, for posterity, th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ShadowingTrump: Odd how people like Alex Jones don't care about the First Amendment until they pretend it means that platforms must car…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidRoads: You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @adamlisagor: I work in production. On a film set, we use a phrase (a set phrase like action or cut). The phrase is “Make it safe”. Mak…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: IT IS MONDAY. The world is stupid. The day is horseshit. But you are a glimmering beam of starlight who can illuminate the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mishacollins: When you apply for a job, employers look at your full background. A Supreme Court justice nominee should be held to at LE…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jacobsoboroff: Lots of other stuff going on today. Figured I’d remind everyone the Trump administration separated 2,551 migrant kids…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @argumatronic: has anyone else stalled starting a project because you couldn't come up with a good name, is that just me i'm writing th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alexhern: fascinating how it takes less than 24 hours from Apple blocking Alex Jones for YouTube, Facebook and Spotify to all independe…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Popehat: First they came for Alex Jones, and I did not speak out Because "they" were individual people and entities And they "came fo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @msbellows: He's doubling down on yesterday's tweet. I WAS A USFS WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER IN CALIFORNIA. WILDFIRES AREN'T CAUSED BY LACK OF…”—@ndw
06 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidLammy: When will the British citizens you deported to Jamaica be returned and compensated? And while I've got you, what about thos…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The File Sharing dialog in Docker preferences on MacOS is...buggy. (Often requires several attempts to get the paths to "stick".)”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: You defended a twice-divorced serial adulterer who paid off porn stars, even when he called poor nations "shitholes" and t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @UrsulaV: Having grown up in the Eighties, this is so damn surreal that I just can’t even. https://twitter.com/charles_gaba/status/1026148505046401024”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @secularcitizen2: Had to diagnose a patient w/lung cancer today. She has no insurance, her husband was killed in an auto accident, and s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EvonomicsMag: Economic sociologist Fred Block: "It’s always easier to make money through predation…It’s only in those societies where t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dangillmor: Wells Fargo executives should be in jail, Part 265. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1025856654837985281”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenSchumer: We learned yesterday that the Republican operative who is screening Judge Kavanaugh's records actually worked for him in th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BrennanML: Money means more when you are poor. Give $20,000 to a rich person, and all they do is buy an ostrich jacket. Give $20,000 to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @owillis: Race relations are in trouble in America because a majority of us elected a black president and about 30% of you have proceede…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @torstenkathke: The problem with D'Souza is not just that he is bad at history. He is actively attacking the fundaments of what it means…”—@ndw
05 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @LouiseRawAuthor: In the light of this I want to look at how Londoners united against fascism well before WW2. We’ve driven then from o…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @okamish: just sharing my favorite photo on the internet with you all, my internet friends https://twitter.com/okamish/status/1025619406553001984/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Andrew_Adonis: "Fundamentally our capitalism has become deeply dysfunctional." In 'Saving Britain', @williamnhutton and I explain why B…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PopCatalin: 2005: "You should use a dynamic language like Javascript because it's faster to develop, no need to wait for the compiler t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @crschmidt: So did every other GOP Senator who voted except for @SenBobCorker. It's not that this framing is false, but it is that it so…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KimCarvalho: Dear public at large, I’m a fundraising professional. The NRA is not going broke, this is a fundraising strategy. Took som…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GeertIDB: Morning after #Balisage. It has been a great and inspiring week. Big thank you for the organizers. Now I need another week to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @4everNeverTrump: Every GOP Senator who was in Moscow on the USA's Independence Day voted against authorizing additional money to secure…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ruckawriter: You know why the Nazis came to Portland today? Because they knew @PortlandPolice would be on their side. How dare cops ask…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @andymoz78: Please don't retweet this video of Rees-Mogg advocating two referendums on leaving the EU, with the second one to ratify or…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kashanacauley: First they came for the guy who wrecked the survivors’ lives by saying Sandy Hook didn’t happen, and then the rest of us…”—@ndw
04 Aug 2018
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03 Aug 2018
[T] tweeted“OH "Most conferences I go to are not like this." #Balisage”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“OH "Templates are magic, trust in them." #Balisage”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @StandUpAmerica: 560,000+ pages of documents from Kavanaugh’s White House tenure remain locked away—and Senate Republicans are blocking…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Evan_McMullin: Seeing the White House provide a platform for our security leaders to speak openly about the threats we face is welcomed…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RAICESTEXAS: Good god. They specifically targeted adults who had children. This is pure EVIL. https://twitter.com/BuzzFeedWorld/status/1025127871809871872”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @blanchardJRB: That’s not paid leave. That’s a god damn loan. Fuck off. https://twitter.com/cbsthismorning/status/1024997764088963072”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenFeinstein: BREAKING: The National Archives won't complete its production of even the limited number of Brett Kavanaugh's records Rep…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tribelaw: Whether you’re for or against the Kavanaugh appointment, the idea of holding his hearings before the National Archives can re…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ndrew_lawrence: Extremism on the left: Everyone should have health care Extremism on the right: An anonymous internet commenter says 4…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheAndyMaturin: Apparently, MPs are more worried about the backlash if we were to have a second referendum than the backlash if we have…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @thorneyhfx: If a man calls his ex some form of "crazy" I am immediately on her side even if I've never met her”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ItsAlexJackson: abortion: WAAAAH THE CHILDREN lgbt+ rights: WAAAAH THE CHILDREN bathroom rights for trans people: WAAAAH THE CHILDREN…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @matthewamiller: It’s weird how Sanders regularly has no answer to predictable questions about the administration’s practices and polici…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahkendzior: Some advice: * Stop interviewing Giuliani, Conway and other serial liars. * Identify "pundits" who are under federal i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanRather: I've seen lots of plays, read novels, watched a lot of dramas and comedies, but I've never seen a role quite like the one Ru…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Matt_Cagle: NEW: Scholars @hartzog & @EvanSelinger make a compelling case for banning facial recognition tech. "The future of human fl…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @husca: Mindblowing: Since 2011, Tokyo Medical University has doctored the test scores of female applicants to admit fewer women, becaus…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tiny_queermails: “The Internet is making my kid gay/trans!” The internet is giving your kid acceptance. That was supposed to be your…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: I’m glad @POTUS is strong enough to sit down with Mueller. He should do it without his lawyers present too. Obama never…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @saraschaefer1: Thank god for cauliflower rice. Finally a way to chew hot water”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @River_Niles: So we played DnD with my 11yo cousin yesterday and it was his first proper session He had real bad luck with his dice roll…”—@ndw
02 Aug 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @existdb: We are also very happy to announce the third Release Candidate for eXist-db 5. eXist-db 5.0.0-RC3 is now available - https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @416Bando: I just finished applying to PhD programs. I applied to five schools. It cost me $713. We need to have a serious conversatio…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Mikel_Jollett: This civility debate is silly. One side is angry because the President broke the law, assaulted women, made a bunch of…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @itsJeffTiedrich: remember how Hillary freaked the fuck out and had a twitter meltdown because she was called to testify about Benghazi?…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ACLU: On what would have been his 94th birthday, we honor James Baldwin whose work was a constant reminder that #DissentIsPatriotic. ht…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@dalapeyre We have reached that day where I proclaim that my brain is full. It’s been crammed with the great ideas,… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1025149811429990402”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dalapeyre: The fact that I implemented it does not mean that it is not far out. #balisage”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @wilw: @scalzi This is the closest you've come to an actual burrito in months.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Brasilmagic: Holding your scared baby up at a trump rally with a “CNN Sucks” pin on, while everyone chants obscene things, is really gr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Jbrous14: A kid had to grow up and dunk a million basketballs to provide his community with basic services. That should bother you.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @gimsieke: #MathML in browsers is not dead yet! MathML in Chromium recently received funding from @SloanFoundation: https://t.co/LEnUpQC…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@jtauber We’ll be expecting you next year!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mjs_DC: Here’s the interesting thing about this political moment: In a few years, Kavanaugh is going to overturn Roe v. Wade. Millions…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @danbri: How URLs worked before URLs. Thanks @timberners_lee - * New paper available by Anonymous FTP server. * connect to https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @wilw: ***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT***: It turns out that Patreon moved its payment processor to the UK, so a lot of payments are bein…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jkyles10: Elon Musk: I'm going to use my wealth to fund ... space travel! Jeff Bezos: I'm going to use my wealth to fund ... space trav…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mweagle: Web: We noticed you're using an Ad blocker Me: I noticed you're using 32 tracking services.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @stevenpemberton: OH: "It's the sort of conference where if I made a bad pun in classical Greek, 5 people would laugh, and 3 would corre…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“OH “You can’t use my velociraptor!” #balisage”—@ndw
01 Aug 2018
[T] tweeted“OH "You understand that we make things that, by international treaty, we cannot test."”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“OH "You tag 'em, we'll process 'em." Jim Mason #Balisage”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@dpawson @citizencontact The proceedings will be published after the conference. I'm not sure exactly when.”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @stevenpemberton: My #balisage slides for "The 100 year web" are online at: https://homepages.cwi.nl/~steven/Talks/2018/07-31-balisage/”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @citizencontact: Thanks to Steven Pemberton, for his "In praise of XML" #balisage https://www.balisage.net/2018/Program.html#T945”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KaivanShroff: If Obama dancing with his wife on a weekend 2 years after leaving office is newsworthy to CNN’s Chief Washington Corr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathling: whiskey kittens velociraptors buckets... a somewhat mixed metaphor #balisage”—@ndw
31 Jul 2018
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[T] retweeted“RT @crazyunlikeafox: I assume the Religious Liberty Task Force's first order of business will be investigating who keeps trying to ban Musl…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KenLayne: The remake of "Indecent Proposal" should be about a hideous multi-billionaire who offers $150 of bitcoin for the DNA of a bea…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DataDistribute: Prediction: the design of cubicles and maximum security prison cells will continue to converge both in physical appeara…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @katiesgamecrner: The beauty of this hobby is that there are so many games that there is something for everybody. Boardgames are the b…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @pinkrocktopus: A while back, @allie3ga agreed that tipping at Waffle House starts at 50% and goes up, because, as Allie put it, “That’s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HoarseWisperer: The most important takeaway from this poll of strong Trump supporters: They are programmed to only accept his words as…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MikeLevinCA: We have 100 days until the November election. Let’s treat each of these days like the future of our democracy depends on…”—@ndw
30 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“OH "People don't like imaginative accountants."”—@ndw
29 Jul 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @RhunapIorwerth: ... and to those miffed at hearing God Save the Queen 🇬🇧 rather than Hen Wlad fy Nhadau 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 on the Champs d’Elysee,…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bramernic: Brilliant, and so true! (stolen via a friend of a friend etc) https://twitter.com/bramernic/status/1023208211971801088/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @smotus: Why don’t the media cover all the children who *weren’t* taken from their parents and sexually abused in their cages? https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LinguaCelta: Highlight of the ceremony was the graduand who gave a Black Power salute while standing in front of the Vice Chancellor to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mdubinko: “There can be no doubt that, of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance.” — Nik…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @treasonstickers: We don’t have money to fix the poisonous water in Flint. *AND* We don’t have money to fix the damaged power grid in…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alex_peys That he was yelling at, or from?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @obaa_boni: every time men are violent towards women, everybody asks women to be "careful". basically askng women to take up less social…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davies_will: Instagram: my holiday is better than your holiday Facebook: my children are cuter than your children Twitter: my ideolo…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EdKrassen: The biggest mystery in U.S. history is how a country can go from electing a brilliant, caring, sincere African American as P…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@docum3nt “:q” followed by Emacs for the win.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Happy graduations to @fienbn”—@ndw
28 Jul 2018
[T] retweeted“RT @AlSweigart: Conservatives never say people just want "free military" or "free police", because they damn well know that people understa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KT_NRE: Lord, grant me the steel ovaries of this Ancient Celtic woman who: 1) Had her rapist decapitated 2) Carried his severed head b…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JohnCleese: Remember, the UK press is rated 33rd out of 33 European countries in Trust in Printed Media For the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @heyellieday: In a world where we can build a 1300ft skyscraper with just 125 condos that “will [in majority] remain unoccupied for more…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CoralineAda: How to engage with PoC talking about race on twitter: 1) Read, carefully. Maybe twice. 2) Google what you don’t understan…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@argumatronic Mappy McMapface, surely?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @maggieserota: People who talk about how history will judge the current administration seem to forget that the guy who lied to start a w…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BullenRoss: Henry James: *slaps literally any sentence* this bad boy can hold, in its own inimitable way, a way that has changed, with…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PaulRevere1999: Show this to every friend who is thinking of voting 3rd party or sitting out the midterms https://twitter.com/PaulRevere1999/status/1022876667646226432/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I hope DC Metro got a serious purchase discount for including “this is a 7000 series train” at the beginning of every frickin’ announcement.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DrRiley_Writes: To be clear: They didn't steal any money. They hacked a system that charges inmates money to use mobile devices and add…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@richterscale @KevinMKruse Interesting. That didn’t appear (or I missed it) in the Wikipedia history. Perhaps I div… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1023345315263471621”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Surely the Twitter app knows, or could know, which [expletive deleted] tweets it’s displayed. Here’s a tip guys: I didn’t miss those, ok?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrisgreybrexit: Another Brexit Ultra who can't grasp that if UK chooses to leave the systems that allow frictionless trade and supply…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidLammy: Rees-Mogg, Gove and Boris are now all in cahoots with America's leading fascist, Steve Bannon. These men are treated like a…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@richterscale @KevinMKruse Citation needed.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @trumpy675: This is a thread about why people voted to leave the EU 1. Just over 17 million people were really FUCKING ANGRY about some…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GrantWhiteTZ: So @KateHoeyMP response to a unanimous vote to remove her from her MP position is to say she'll fight it. Unanimous. As…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Yellow line. The penultimate leg of this journey, if you don’t count the short walk at the end. #Balisage”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Andrew_Adonis: As Vote Leave looks increasingly like a criminal conspiracy, a people’s vote is needed to protect British democracy”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @beccafiend: Being a creative person with a day job is 90% spending all day at work thinking about this big idea you have and want to ex…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @existentialcoms: If college is a job training program then your boss should be paying for it. The idea that we should go into personal…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LOLGOP: I love that this all hinges on the us believing that a son whose entire life is a plea for his dad's attention didn't tell his…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ShaunKing: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m offering a $100,000 reward for the identification & arrest of this violent white supremacist who crimi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @amyvdh: how broken is our government that we have to constantly fight the people we elect and pay to represent us to not take away our…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@MaxKennerly @KevinMKruse Yes, he does.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“That thing happened this morning. You know the one I mean. It’s happened to all of us I’m sure. You see the palmett… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1023306781756465153”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MrFilmkritik: The fact that Al Franken resigned quicker than you could turn your head and Jim Jordan is running for House Speaker says…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @fawfulfan: We could have had taco trucks on every corner. Taco trucks. On every corner. And instead we chose THIS shit.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @_gaylex: things to normalize: - same sex parents - female masturbation - they/them pronouns - breast feeding - guys showing emotio…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Marmel: Ignore this. Wisconsin is a suppression state and Walker is Koch pocket monster. They will dump tons of money into saving this…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @stavvers: This reminds me of when I used to get the train to college, which was on the same route as Ascot. When the Royal Ascot was on…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PeterKGeoghegan: Radio 4 tells me Chloe Westley from Tax Payers alliance is on Any Questions this evening. Why? Genuinely, why are reps…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat @JoePasqua @DavidGorbet @Microsoft @Apple I’ll add: I find the iPad Pro with a keyboard quite useful for l… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1023298830899576833”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@meandmybigmouth @msnaughty I’ve been writing a little fiction of late. I shall have to review my adverbs. A concise, useful thread.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @carolecadwalla: This is pure @BorisJohnson. Confected Euro-bollocks. And there's no imprint on it. No Vote Leave. No Boris... We're in…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jameschappers: Bannon in touch with Johnson, Gove and Mogg, according to Reuters. If we don't stand against this, then what? https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TinkerSec: We put a man on the moon because of: Math. We can’t put secure backdoors into encryption because of: Math. It’s precisely…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Yes, that seems much more interesting, just never managed to pull together exactly five interested people at the same time.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GarrettCroker: Scientist 1: "So the sarcophagus was a dud?" Scientist 2: "We'll figure out what kind of movie apocalypse we're living…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @missmayn: Being denied a loan because of your race is worse. Having a higher maternal death rate because of your race is worse. Hav…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @janetweets: Who said comm isn’t powerful? In the hands of the amoral, it’s lethal. https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1022892244649562112”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @doubobee55: United Sates is what happens when you hire an ex Fox News executive as your WH communications director”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tedlieu: Dear @SecNielsen: You should read this article. Then you should resign. This trauma would not have happened to the little gi…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@argumatronic Sounds like a great time to me!”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @wilw: In spite of a court order, over 700 children who were kidnapped by the United States government have still not been reunited with…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Big, orange sun rising in the east. Big, pale, full moon setting in the west. Not a bad way to start the day.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @gravislizard: After Trump is out I don't want to hear about him ever again and I don't think I'm alone. He's literally not worth discus…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JaneMayerNYer: Steele's opposition to Trump was based on his investigation, which unearthed alarming, and myriad ties between America's…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Noahpinion: I mean, you ask a Republican how he's going to pay for stuff, and he'll just look at you with a straight face and say "grow…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ftrain: We have an abstraction glut and a metaphor drought.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KatelynBeaty: The HALT acronym has saved me from some poor life decisions, including some poorly conceived tweets: H: Are you hungry?…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @markos: Dear @GOP, this is why Putin bought your president and party, and why you are traitors to your country. https://twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews/status/1022517827998240768”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @_dte: About 5 years ago I started taking learning how to write well very seriously. Not a single day goes by that I'm not glad I did.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JuddApatow: This is so funny and horrifying. I don’t care what your political positions are— if you care about democracy and the rule o…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@amyvdh I think I almost exclusively just retweet. I’m a white guy, best if I just shut up and give others room to talk.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sirDukeDevin: The child reunification deadline was today, as you know. Old news, right? As each day passes, I see fewer retweets, few…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SimonBruni: Come on, Great Britain. You've shat yourself. Dont worry, it happens to the best of us. But now it's time to put your pant…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @martin_lowe: WANTED: - a British journalist with courage to ask Theresa May if she has secured her own personal supply of insulin for 2…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ajlkn: CSS at 9AM display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; CSS at 4AM position:absolute; left: -18.245555px; top…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TartanLlama: Programming difficulties: Easy - multiplying 1,000,000 matrices in the blink of an eye Medium - making sure that any memor…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Haven’t yet been able to try the five handed version. Would still like to.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brandur: The next time someone says that a test suite is slow because it's a big project, point out that you can build Postgres from sc…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrisinsilico: Was just on BBC Newsnight and yet again they try to shut down an established fact: Vote Leave cheated and broke the law…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CryptoNature: I bet octopuses think bones are horrific. I bet all their cosmic horror stories involve rigid-limbs and hinged joints.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenKamalaHarris: Republicans demanded that minutes from board meetings Justice Sotomayor attended in the 1980s be made public & they we…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SYKOScoRch: Every single Millennials Are Killing X Industry article could be rewritten as Rich People Have Stolen So Much Money That No…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahljaffe: "Could add billions in labor costs" = "put billions in stolen wages back in workers' pockets" but hey https://t.co/qZlaqW5…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @timothypmurphy: Trump 2016 was about arguing that ordinary things are crooked, Trump 2017–2020 is about insisting crooked things are in…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ferrisjabr: If you put chalk under a powerful microscope—white cliffs of Dover type chalk, not the modern blackboard variety—you will s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @WilliamAder: Teacher: I work a second job to make ends meet. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: I play Yahtzee with real yachts.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @adamcbest: In the past year, Republicans have selected a Nazi, a neo-Confederate, a pedophile and a pimp as general election candidates…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Youtube has just Banned @RealAlexJones from livestreaming and removed InfoWars videos from their platform. I c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sannewman: 1. This is a thread about being a professional gambler, and generally about trying to be cool while female. It comes with a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @andrewfawcett: When the GOP nominates a candidate, they're not sending their best. They're nominating people that have lots of problems…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @amyvdh: These abusers must be put in prison; everyone who abetted in any way from guards to bureaucrats to Stephen Miller and Trump mus…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MorlockP: 1768: this grain is too heavy to transport; distill it into whiskey, then transport THAT 2018: this energy is too much kWH to…”—@ndw
27 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“Pro: almost home. Con: baggage claim at AUS is absurd slow. Pro: Balisage next. Con: I will be back in the airport in about 12 hours.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JamesGleick: Remember, it’s already known that Trump dictated a false statement issued by his son about this meeting with an agent of t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Crosse3: A pox upon the house of anyone who creates tarballs that do not extract into their own subdirectory!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahljaffe: Working at a fancy restaurant listening to rich people talk will permanently disabuse you of the notion of meritocracy.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @helpmeskeletor: 'Do questions that frame multiculturalism as inherently a threat entrench the idea that whiteness is our national ident…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanteAtkins: Conservative: “DO YOU WANT HEALTH CARE TO BE RUN LIKE THE POST OFFICE” Me: *drops a letter right outside my door that wil…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JasonHalle: When We Give Billions to Bail Out Farmers, it's called Being FAIR Billions to Bail Out Banks, Good for ECONOMY Trillions…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AngryBlackLady: And the really distressing part is that they’re probably going to win. We will lose every single gain made by a 5-4 v…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DougSaunders: This is good stuff. We need to remember that Manadort was, above all else, a guy who sent Ukraine to hell https://t.co/cs…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlexPadilla4CA: Every citizen has the right to vote without any unnecessary barriers. That’s why — starting in 2019 — all vote-by-mail…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MhairiMcF: If Brexit was cancelled tomorrow then your racist colleague would rage on Facebook about moving to Dubai, the Mail would spl…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CodeWisdom: "Software being 'Done' is like lawn being 'Mowed'." - Jim Benson”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: jesus fucking shitting billygoat christ the White House cannot spell The United S*t*ates the country in which we live…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lmorchard: Knight Rider reboot where KITT is actually just an Uber driver named Kit who keeps getting dragged into adventures by Michae…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheRexMax: If I ever get caught after stealing the Mona Lisa, I really hope this dude writes a headline that says, “Law enforcement red…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nberlat: do you really think that marginalized people are indifferent to the fact that Trump won using undemocratic means? Putin pushed…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Mikel_Jollett: Just got back on twitter and found new stories that Cohen says Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting IN ADVANCE, Juni…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @haveigotnews: After a week of no-deal scaremongering, finally some good news for Brexiteers as UK firm secures ration book contract.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Lawrence: “illegal”?! A president imagines laws that don’t exist that he hopes to enforce while screaming “witch hunt” about enforcing…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KevinMKruse: I have pretty sweet tan at the moment; I’m a liberal, not a leftist; she’s not a historian, though I am; and I think I pre…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Botanygeek: The smell of the air after a storm is caused by Geosmin: A chemical released by dead soil bacteria. Humans are hyper sensi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nxthompson: Tech company: We are going to try to fix some problems and it will make our numbers go down. Wall St: Sure, no prob. Sounds…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @vmochama: a whole bunch of white men, reeking of privilege and intoxicated on power, run nearly every level of politics please never ta…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlSweigart: Ha! I am really tempted to build one of these. I'm guessing it's just an icosahedron ("d20") with one-way mirrors for faces…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Today in euphemisms: “in the event that a floatation device will be necessary...”. AKA “if we crash in water and you survive the impact...””—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KameronHurley: It's already here. Not tomorrow or next week or one more thing. It's happened. This is America. https://twitter.com/atDavidHoffman/status/1022094593226092546”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BadAstronomer: I looked it up: It’s only punishable as perjury if it’s to a NON-COMPLICIT Congress, so he’s OK. https://twitter.com/briantylercohen/status/1022655230859653129”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@fsanders @eedeebee Yeah. My tiny apartment is easily covered by a single router, but at a friends house, I ended u… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022874397164457984”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Haven’t driven (or been driven) to SFO departures in years. What a zoo on a Friday morning!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NateSilver538: Caving to bad-faith* bias allegations is a big theme of 2016. It's a part of why James Comey acted how he did. It's why…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @anni_leskela: Hahahaha check out this alternative transfer orbit to the Moon based on chaotic dynamics, it consumes almost 40% less fue…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @EntirelyAmelia: “Half of Americans still believe women are the property of men” - simplified it for you https://twitter.com/BroderickGreer/status/1022260418566180864”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidCornDC: Anyone who supports Trump has forfeited the right to complain about hatred. Sorry, that's how it goes. https://t.co/UNXF3s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @frankie_mackay: Today a tiny 6 yr old girl at the school holiday club I was working at wanted to try on some armour. I kitted her out h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @robinberjon: If you think that Facebook's audience shrinking for the first time in Europe is shocking, wait until they start actually r…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RonaldKlain: I don't know how many Presidential campaigns Alan Dershowitz has worked on, but I've worked on SEVEN. And no, this does N…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathling: Barns, Janskys, and millimorts: a thread about odd units of measure https://twitter.com/becky1505/status/1022147825155616769”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MicroFlashFic: "Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?" "No- wait, Dracula?" "Yes!" "You're vampires?" "Yes. We have pamphl…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I'm always surprised when companies fail to get the "collect money" part of their websites right. Hey @MetLife I'm… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022834551138074624”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @sturdyAlex: This is simply astonishing. Facebook ads provided to the parliamentary investigation with absolutely NO connection to Brexi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MrFilmkritik: Republicans who want to impeach Rod Rosenstein: Mark Meadows (R-NC) Jim Jordan (R-OH) Andy Biggs (R-AZ) Scott Perry (R-P…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @carolecadwalla: Today: a recap * $120bn wiped off following Cambridge Analytica data abuse scandal * Parliament publishes Vote Leave Fa…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@FeargalHogan Well played, sir. Well played.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@eedeebee It’s a bit stressful making sure you’ve got the right bits for the particular router, but I’ve done it a… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022700270067671040”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“On the tablet, Words With Friends shows some stats for the words you play, including the highest recorded score for… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022652569401745408”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Stonekettle: No. Twitter sucks because YOU suck and Twitter lets you get away with it instead of taking responsibility for their own pl…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I appreciate firmware upgrade notices from Netgear about my router. I appreciate having burned their firmware off o… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022635089576882177”—@ndw
26 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski @willseth Anyway, if it's really just about moving folks forward off of Java 8, it's probably not as worrisome as it seemed.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski @willseth I remain a fan of Scala myself, but that and lots of other things I use daily are on the JVM.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat Oracle is doing bad again.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@bphogan This is what I got pointed to by the latest Windows installer. https://www.java.com/en/download/release_notice.jsp”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Oracle is moving to a commercial license model for "business, commercial, or production use" in 2019. I wonder if t… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022584811569856512”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“California burrito the size of my head? Mission accomplished. #foodcoma”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NathanHRubin: What ABC doesn’t tell you is that the vast majority are black and brown, and lean Democratic. There’s no other way to p…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenFeinstein: There are no grounds for House Republicans to impeach Rod Rosenstein. Trying to remove him for failing to disclose source…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KameronHurley: Still amused at how damn hot Megan McCain got about how socialism meant people "taking her money." Like girl we live in…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @kylegriffin1: W.H. News Photographers Association: "Such rhetoric and actions from the President and the White House that seemingly occ…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shelleypowers: The one and only time I'll tweet this info, because of the secondary and very valid point needing to be made. https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brhodes: So strange that there's no deficit hawk, right-wing tea party movement demanding to "take our country back" from the people wh…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @gin_and_tacos: ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) Small family farms ┳┻|⊂ノ are < 1% of farms. It…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Paul_Sebert: Conservatives: Oh sure Universal Healthcare sounds good but. who's going to pay for all this? Also Conservatives: We need…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @histoftech: Facebook started as Facemash--a hot-or-not ripoff site that stole women undergrads' pics off internal Harvard "facebook" se…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CharlesMBlow: Folks, your government is being revealed to you. Most of what we thought were rules were actually just customs without an…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @samswey: The BBC and Sacha Baron Cohen have been doing a better job at holding American politicians accountable than anyone in the Amer…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrislhayes: Facebook is the equivalent of a massively profitable factory that just dumps all of its waste into the river and never has…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ferneau I have no current plans to get into the Tyson's office, sorry. Usually I try to coordinate regional travel… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1022278318320574464”—@ndw
25 Jul 2018
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[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski No pictures. Maybe I can pretend it didn't happen.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I’m glad I bought a toothbrush in the airport. I wish I’d bought a comb. #unkemptwednesday”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidBennun: What kind of raging optimist thinks there'll be historians? https://twitter.com/tds153/status/1021739197265321985”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @badbanana: The only secretly-recorded tape that would shock me is one where Trump is caught saying “please” and “thank you.””—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Botanygeek: What I ♥️ about the Brits most is our sense of humour in the face of tragedy. As our government assures us we’ll have #ad…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @OurRevolution: The last thing we need is yet another giant tax cut for the rich at the expense of working people. #TaxScam2 https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @darinself: This is worrisome to me. The President is laying the groundwork to use the powers of the presidency to attack his opposition…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NARAL: Not only did Trump tell us. Not only did Pence tell us. Not only did Leonard Leo tell us. Brett Kavanaugh told us IN HIS OWN WOR…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Mikel_Jollett: Every argument I hear against free public college, Medicare for all & a living wage is a dishonest platitude about how i…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@dreid @mkhl This is a great story even though I fully (and, in retrospect, unreasonably) thought it was going to be about insects.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Less than a week until #Balisage in Rockville, MD. Just over a month until #XMLSummerSchool in Oxford, UK. Interest… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1021979605492813824”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Delayed flight has left me tired, hungry, and mostly clothes-less (yes, I’m fully dressed; that’s not what I meant… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1021978780083077121”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @WriterInPyjamas: I’m speaking up. Brexit is death to small businesses. We can’t replace European business with international agreements…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Did not. 🙁”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@willseth No, my lucrative chain of pharmacies is doing well enough to keep me in programming full time, so I’m fine.”—@ndw
24 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“Good news: I’m going to make it to SFO today. Bad news: my bag is almost assuredly not. #unkemptwednesdays anyone?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The latest in on target promoted tweets: do you want to be a better pharmacy owner?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @alexandraerin: As the venom gripped the fox's heart and it felt its limbs go numb and its lungs grow weak, it began to slip beneath the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Will_DryOFOC: Is there any other developed country in the world stockpiling food for March next year?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @radleybalko: The Trump administration kidnapped hundreds of kids, then deported their parents. They willfully inflicted lifelong psycho…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @owillis: the important thing is democrats have to stop crafting every idea and message with the inherent question "what will republican…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brianbeutler: We will notice it again the moment some Democrat slips and says something vaguely partisan in front of a troop, and Repub…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PreetBharara: Strip Jared Kushner of his security clearance. Then fire him. Then pass a better anti-nepotism law.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bryngreenwood: When people argue that food, shelter & health care are not fundamental rights, understand that they think people who are…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Ocasio2018: Republicans are so scared of me that they’re faking videos and presenting them as real on Facebook because they can’t deal…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @marcuschown: The Tories have almost tripled UK debt (that is, borrowed record amounts) YET cut public services. The key question UK med…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @edwardderuiter: $20 says you get a facebook page trending that calls Mark Zuckerberg a pedophile and threatens to shoot him and it'll g…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @atrupar: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." -- George Orwel…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NellSco: Today, at my annual physical: Nurse: Do you feel down or depressed? Me: No. (then) I mean, there's Trump. Nurse: Everyone say…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mjs_DC: Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, shared images of black people who had allegedly left the Democrati…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @_dmaus: That's #emacs for you: C-x r w a to save layout of my workspace to a register, do something else and C-x r j a to restore the w…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Mikel_Jollett: The weirdest thing about the modern Right vs. Left schism is that the media is convinced that protecting a Russian asset…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonbernhardt: most people are going to wisely repeat to you the line that "newspapers are dying" like it's everyone on the internet's f…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: A man threatened a foreign power on Twitter in all caps because he was in a bad mood, but please tell me more about how…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@hsivonen Yes. I got one a while back and have yet to feel I understand it well enough to begin using it seriously.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @billybragg: Hey @McDonaldsUK - do you want your brand to be associated with right wing extremism? Stop advertising on @Global Radio whi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JimMFelton: 2016: “Brexit will improve your lives” 2018: “There will be adequate food” https://twitter.com/lisaocarroll/status/1021759942884249602”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JimMFelton: "Let's bring back bendy bananas" "Yay" "And blue passports" "Yay brexit" "ᴬᶰᵈ ʰᵃᶰᵍᶦᶰᵍ ᵒᵘʳ ᶜᶦᵗᶦᶻᵉᶰˢ ᵇʸ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉᶜᵏ ᵘᶰᵗᶦᶫ ᵗʰᵉʸ'ʳ…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Andrew_Adonis: Influence of the DUP over Brexit, & their betrayal of Northern Ireland, is the great untold story of Brexit. People thin…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PlioceneBloke: Brexit not invent yet, so just make big difficult toilet dirt of actual own self bum on cave doorstep for now.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @erinbiba: The best and biggest personal action you can take to solve climate change isn’t cutting out meat or buying an electric car —…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @fsanders: Here’s an idea if we’re going to grant government monopolies on the sale and manufacture of drugs then those drugs should be…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: Now he’s claiming Russia will interfere to help Democrats. I mean it’s a brilliant move to muddy the waters if you don’t car…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AllThatandMoore: White people literally have a show called Extreme Couponing https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1021517310245257217”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mollypriddy: hahaha just catching up on the "i pay $495 a year for libraries so amazon should just take over" guy and well pal i've bee…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TeaPainUSA: The real irony is that Trump is so easy to get rid of. All you have to do is make sure you’re registered to vote and stop…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brianschatz: Where are the children? No, seriously, this isn’t a slogan. Where are they? They ripped these kids from their parents and…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shelleypowers: Ignore the polls! Assume every Democrat desperately needs every vote, so vote! https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1021775950680391686”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @frankieboyle: Occasional reminder that jokes, movies, tv shows, and songs that you don’t enjoy are not necessarily evil, and that your…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AdamMGrant: Weak leaders silence their critics and make themselves weaker. Strong leaders embrace their critics and make themselves st…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @atrupar: Fox & Friends had Daily Caller editor @VAKruta on to discuss the fear she felt attending @Ocasio2018 rally. "They talk about…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Frederick987: I cancelled an appointment today, after I asked why Foxnews was playing in the waiting room, Secretary rolled her eyes an…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Steph_I_Will: Fuck R. Kelly. Fuck Charlemagne. Fuck 45. Fuck 12. Fuck capitalism. Fuck the patriarchy. Fuck misogynoir. Fuck mis…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @danielwillims: They are trying to take away your vote. Make sure you’re still registered before your states voter reg deadline. (it can…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NickHolmes4: Remember the unemployment of the 70s and 80s? Remember “Auf wiedersehen, pet” where British workers travel to Germany for…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DanRiffle: The guy who owns the Nationals is worth $5.2 billion. DC taxpayers paid $670M of the $701M it cost to build Nationals Stadiu…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @joepublic99: I am an expert on International trade. I have travelled the world for 25 years setting up trade deals for overseas compani…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @FrankLuntz: Does increased racial diversity have a positive or negative impact on America? ALL AMERICANS • 64% positive • 31% negative…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @conradhackett: We worry about the wrong things. Exhibit A: #SharkWeek People killed annually by Sharks 10 Elephants…”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“Hey, WaPo, let me fix that headline for you “Poll: Most white evangelicals say non-white majority bad” => “Poll: Mo… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1021727188729712641”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Freeyourmindkid: Y'alls little president out here buying black supporters from shutterstock. https://twitter.com/Freeyourmindkid/status/1021450900991340544/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kidsilkhaze: Netflix starts at $96/year. Amazon Prime is $120. A small coffee at Starbucks so you can use the wifi is $2, $104 so you c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ohwatson: Price of a loaf of bread: 1977: $0.32 2016: $1.96 Median income, ages 25-34: 1977: $34,000 2016: $34,000 But sure let's kee…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Kat_Arney: I was out of the country last week. Did I miss the meeting where everyone decided that this is the point where we go full fa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattyglesias: I have some bad news for 52 percent of Republicans about the Republican Party. https://twitter.com/robillard/status/1021510987260878849”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SaireMusic: “Don’t be coming over here on that bullshit” Me: https://twitter.com/Tahoe17/status/1016826869038002176/video/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @erasmusNYT: people from conservative households often make good socialists because they’ve seen what a personally miserable and unhappy…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CherylRofer: A continuing reminder that the Republicans in Congress can stop the madness any time they want.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Carnage4Life: This blog post touches on one of the key causes of bad software & missed schedules. Premature abstractions, unnecessary…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: the party of states rights everybody https://twitter.com/bpolitics/status/1021427121921691650”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @psd: A URL ending with "-Excel.csv", served as octet/stream which is actually a .xlsx file.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattdpearce: Mark Zuckerberg trying to explain Holocaust denialism on his megaplatform, and newspapers laying off 50% of their trained…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathling: I just reported a tweet for threatening violence against others. You know the tweet I mean. It's time to pull the plug, Tw…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jpbrammer: God: "I will allow humanity to ask me but one question before I disappear for another ten millennia." White guy: *grabs mic…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @eifion_david: Two thirds of people in Wales want to speak Welsh, welsh govt figures. Labour Welsh govt says it will go from 1 in 4 in W…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kashanacauley: “Let me clarify something. I don’t want poor and working class people to read books.” https://twitter.com/pmourdoukoutas/status/1021139921271230464”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jmartNYT: The best way a civic-minded billionaire could help the country is not w a vanity campaign or pol spending but by buying Tronc…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChristopherA: I don’t know of any way to prevent misuse of facial, voice & other biometric information—other than as a culture we must…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@daviddlevine @scalzi That’s what @gimsieke says.”—@ndw
23 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“@landpsychology 😃”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @amyvdh: threatening other countries with war to distract from the investigation of crimes *is* a distraction but it also demonstrates h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JulianCastro: Don’t waste a minute of your time being daunted that @realDonaldTrump has a base of diehard supporters. So did Richard Ni…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LilaFontes: "Your devices belong to you, and any legal or technical system for restricting how you configure them is an affront to you…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Hephsiba2: There is no migrant crisis. There is no refugee crisis. There is a fascism crisis.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @paulkrugman: Someone is getting ready to wag the dog, using war to distract us from their own betrayal of America. Also, the bit about…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChrisWarcraft: If you ever write an op-ed saying that libraries should be shut down, it should be a law that everyone else in the world…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @katsudonburi: I think @Forbes should pay me for my think piece, "Is building robots to murder children in foreign countries in undeclar…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KrangTNelson: ahhh damn was very excited abt all the actually progressive and good candidates out there recently but then joe “loves to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FactTank: About six-in-ten U.S. adults say that having an increasing number of people of different races, ethnic groups and nationaliti…”—@ndw
22 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“It was, I regret to say, while perfectly fine, nothing like as good as a Czech pils in Prague.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @avibryant: Actual dream I had: some piece of tech I was working on had the unintended side effect of opening an interdimensional portal…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JRWStormy: LOUDER. The US is one of the few countries in the world that allow drug advertising. It raises the cost of drugs and harms…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Travon: Reminder: This 100 million dollars didn't come from coal miners. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1020508925077147648”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MattFnWallace: Everybody remember how we won World War II by having additional conversational context. https://twitter.com/jack/status/1020767835667120128”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sivavaid: The list of firms that have exploited our @Facebook data is long. Why doesn't @Facebook release the whole list? https://t.co/…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @cameron_kasky: Wait, hold on, this is getting lost in the fire: The NRA was LITERALLY colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jeffcannata: If you think those Michael Cohen tapes are damning, wait until you hear the tape of Trump asking Russia to hack his electi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Ask_TheChief: @realDonaldTrump BTW: I now have 44 favorite presidents, and none of them are you . #GoogleIdiot”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LinguaCelta: After today's fun with plurals via @NemaVeze, I was inspired to write a thing for my blog. "A Nice Chint for your Curtains…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ALT_uscis: republicans voted TODAY to cut elections security funding to ZERO! TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY https://twitter.com/ericswalwell/status/1019981100741885953”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @machineiv: Youtube algorithm: "You watched a video by a feminist. How about a video by a Nazi?" "You watched a video by a trans perso…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Quinnae_Moon: You could make a great start on that by banning the Nazis and their enablers, as well as refusing to entertain the demand…”—@ndw
21 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“@AWSSupport Thanks. It seems to be sorted.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Force stop and patience got me through it, apparently. Services are back to normal, I believe.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“My AWS instance appears to have gone sideways and is now “stuck” in a “stopping” state. Most… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1020798103430094849”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @peterdaou: I'm going to repeat this: EVERYTHING we're seeing today that the mainstream media is belatedly waking up to, was predicted a…”—@ndw
20 Jul 2018
[T] tweeted“Talking about camping. I miss my dad. That is all.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @0xKruzr: Context: the heat index was 110, so they offered this little guy a drink of water. He had other plans. 💚 https://t.co/J6vlQYKY…”—@ndw
[P] PhotoJennifer Steinkamp: Blind Eye at The ClarkJennifer Steinkamp: Blind Eye at The Clark”
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[T] retweeted“RT @MoiraDonegan: One of the most common and least often recognized forms of misogyny is having different, higher moral standards for women…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @substitute: Nostalgia for Joe Biden is not permitted. He wrote the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and filled $10 billion…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dalapeyre: It is not too late, you can register for Balisage tomorrow! #balisage”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @evervway: Someone: if you're not deaf why do you always use subtitles? Me, someone with audio processing issues so bad I literally did…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @MatthewModine: There should be an investigation to see if anyone in the Trump administration has any ties to America.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: Employees at Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others deserve an explanation for why money is being given in their name…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SenKamalaHarris: Kirstjen Nielsen was just asked about the deadly white supremacist riot in Charlottesville. She said: “it's not that o…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PragueBob: Less religion is good, no religion is best. https://twitter.com/Newsweek/status/1020131208297140225”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @atrupar: This is torture. The Trump administration is torturing children. https://twitter.com/nycsouthpaw/status/1020018727465742339”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @roessler: Wouldn’t it be nice to stop that additional wealth transfer from renters to owners... https://twitter.com/senfeinstein/status/1020101732955611136”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @srseverance: Here’s the pull quote. Recommend reading the rest. https://twitter.com/pookleblinky/status/998649308147781632”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TeamPelosi: This is insane. House Republicans are currently refusing to strengthen our states' elections systems that could be vulnerab…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @psd: I know it doesn't involve bl0ckcha1n, AI or some other "innovation", but reporting broken links on websites is definitely a job a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @redlightvoices: they interfered with campaigns (from Brexit to US elections etc) fuelling racist right wing sentiments but ultimately?…”—@ndw
19 Jul 2018
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[T] retweeted“RT @LinguaCelta: This reminds me of the idea of “object literacy”, which I encountered back when I was a medievalist. There are letters hom…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bphogan: My timeline is starting to fill up with "Ugh REST is so yesterday. GraphQL!!!" tweets. Remember yesterday when I was talking…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Botanygeek: FUN FACT: Britain has been reliant on food imports since the early 1800s. This is because our island physically cannot pro…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bob42156: GOP blocks a bill today that would increase cyber security. It is becoming apparent the GOP WANTS more Russian hacking into o…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JJenkinsSJB: The govt is spending £3billion preparing for a No Deal Brexit. That's enough to give every GP Practice another two GPs, *a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MillenPolitics: Your vote matters. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have Republicans trying to suppress it. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t ha…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @redalphababe: If normal households have to prepare for no deal then it is the most monumentally stupid policy ever instigated by a brit…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KaivanShroff: Mark Zuckerberg is not a genius. Elon Musk is not a genius. Jack Dorsey is not a genius. These people will not fix soc…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrisgreybrexit: Increasingly vexed by 'no deal' Brexit being called 'hard Brexit'. It isn't. Hard Brexit = no SM/CU but transition to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @simongerman600: "Evolution of the English alphabet" by @usefulcharts. What a lovely piece of work. Very interesting to all #language an…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @cliodiaspora: To all politicians of the UK who are not fighting to #StopBrexit: Open any of these *Preparedness notices* and tell us h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ashleyn1cole: Dear Democrats, Hey! What’s up, pals? I think “we can’t do anything unless you vote us a majority” would be a more compel…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @petecordell: What annoys me most about Brexit is that those who have done the right thing & got off their backsides & created business…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GothamGirlBlue: Republicans literally chose treason over letting Hillary Clinton win an election.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StabbyCutyou: I've been a software engineer for something like 15 years I've worked in numerous fields I've worked across a number of…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dalapeyre: Balisage registration closes Friday July 20! (Yes, that is THIS coming Friday.) Please register now. #balisage”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @argumatronic: haskell is a pretty small language community and yet i still go around and meet other programmers who afaik have nothing…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @The_UnSilent_: Media: Lying Comey: Lying Obama: Lying Clinton: Lying Stormy: Lying Strozk: Lying Mueller: Lying Judges: Lying 1…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NGrossman81: 1870-71: Franco-Prussian War, 433K dead 1914-1918: WWI, 17.6M dead, including 116K Americans 1939-1945: WWII, 54M dead i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jbeallurks: Two depressingly common tech fallacies: - This is old and therefore bad. - This is new and therefore good.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dalapeyre: RELAXNG at the Beach I do not care to share the seas, with too-stiff grammars such as these, especially DTDs. (Write a ver…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Marcas_Mac: A bilingual sign tells you more than just where you need to go. It tells you a country has more than one native language.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @argumatronic: ladies, girls, femmes, sisters: please join me in my campaign to stop volunteering for invisible, thankless tasks just to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ImaSithDuh: "We're the only species that drinks milk after infancy, dairy is bad for you!" We're also the only species that drinks pea…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @iamwandasykes: Ya know...at first I wanted a female President. Then I thought another black President would be good, but now I just wa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @resisterhood: There’s really nothing more American than a white guy, having accomplished nothing in life beyond being born rich and fai…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @wilw: Say it with me: if the United States can afford to give a billion dollars in tax breaks to corporations who just buy back their o…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ALT_uscis: it is time to say what we always knew and never imagined it could happen TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @espiers: Rather than blindly opposing impeachment of Donald Trump, Republicans should fairly assess his fitness based on his immense in…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shittyIifetips: Keep Cake Moist By Eating It All In One Sitting https://twitter.com/shittyIifetips/status/1019749848088707073/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chrisinsilico: Holy shit letting Mark Zuckerberg talk to humans is a terrible idea. No Zuck, the intention of Holocaust deniers doesn't…”—@ndw


15 Mar 2018

Converted to build with gradle; refactored a whole bunch of stuff. Hopefully I didn’t break anything. I did remove a bunch of cruft that appears to have been broken for years.

29 Mar 2015

I reorganized almost everything to be more mobile-friendly and responsive.

20 Oct 2011

I converted the repository where I store the sources for this site from Mercurial to Git. You aren't supposed to be able to tell. But if I'm wrong, please do tell me.

11 Aug 2006

I've just finished a complete redesign along the lines of the recent redesign of docbook.org. I think I've preserved all of the existing URIs, but let me know if you notice something missing.

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