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24 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @andreagrimes: If seeing a Nazi get punched in the head offends you, I have some shocking news about what the police do to black childre…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @doctortovey: This thread is important and scary. Trump is the distraction-tactic tip of a large, religious fundamentalist iceberg. http…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@amyvdh you know I live in Texas, right? Yes, I'll call, but all I'm going to get for pissing into the wind is wet shoes.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I forwarded a PDF train ticket to @TripIt, mostly as a lark, and TripIt did the right thing with it. Well played, TripIt, well played.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“That feeling when you know the news is going to be so horrible, you can't bring yourself to read it.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@palimondo Not this morning. ;-)”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MoysiNoelle: @johnlewisretail @waitrose have you got any plans to put an ethical advertising policy in place this year? #stopfundinghat…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @joshbloch: I have a dream that someday we will end the lunacy that is DRM. I'd buy more stuff if it weren't hamstrung by DRM. https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlecMuffett: Upset about Trump or Brexit? Please read this: https://www.caracaschronicles.com/2017/01/20/culturejam/”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @charliejane: The phrase "if memory serves" is treacherous at best Memory never serves Memory is a grouchy pro domme, to whom you prob…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @missokistic: "The EPA is bad," Sean Spicer says, pulling out a bag of paint chips and slowly eating them. "Yum, lead," he grimaces. "Na…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @somelaniesaid: We need to be the stone in the shoe of fascism. A persistent annoyance that just won't go away.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @keithcalder: If you're wondering why Donald Trump seems like a villain from an 80s movie, it's because a lot of 80s movie villains were…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @neiltyson: In 1927 Lindbergh flew from NY to Paris. 45 yrs later, in 1972 we last walked on the Moon. 45 yrs later, in 2017 we… we… we…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @missokistic: Republican Guide to Things That Are Tyranny -Minorities voting -Gays existing -Women having bodies -Not enough Miracle Whi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @pyroriffic: Though only mentioned in Tolkien's notes, the Nazgul were often accompanied by their dog, Reggie. https://twitter.com/pyroriffic/status/823535968871481345/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Lowenaffchen: Remember in 2009 when the cool thing was parody videos of Hitler freaking out about memes and pop culture ephemera. that'…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @petersagal: First Q should be: "Why should we believe anything you just said?"”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AkilahObviously: Donald Trump calls some Americans his "enemies." I wanna know what percentage of Americans he considers enemies.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: As to the confused humans who believe that a world united is a bad idea at this time in human progress? I see you. I know…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @peterc: In Node, I like to think of every algorithm as having O(f(n)) complexity, where f is the responsibility of someone else's npm p…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @frankieboyle: Terrible to think a Trident missile could malfunction and incinerate millions of the wrong civilians”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MartinBelam: As long as you live you'll never see a photograph of 7 women signing legislation about what men can do with their reproduc…”—@ndw
23 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@doctortovey Yeah. Anyone who advocates "peaceful ethnic cleansing" deserves a punch in the face. Quite possibly several.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DeptofDefense: Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth. Know what to look for. https:…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I'm generally a pacifist, but, yeah. https://twitter.com/doctortovey/status/823563867917844480”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Dear @British_Airways 👎 on your Android app: random 403 on /travel/ec-conversion/inet/en_gb/device-mobile and 403 on error page.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @problemselzzup: To all the trans women out marching amidst signs that center feminism around having a vagina, I see you, you matter, th…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bethfehlbaum: Follow @HalfOnionInABag because it's on its way to having more followers than @realDonaldTrump. Plus, that fact will make…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KHayhoe: You know something's up when there's even a #WomensMarch in Lubbock TX, the 2nd most conservative city in the US. During a dus…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @aedison: What annoys me about Jesus is that he was so vague. "Give all your money to the poor," for example. What could he possibly hav…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nycsouthpaw: Tom Cotton filibustered Cassandra Butts' nomination until she died of leukemia in order to cause President Obama personal…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mrkocnnll: Warren Ellis clears up the vexed question of whether it’s okay to punch nazis in the face https://twitter.com/mrkocnnll/status/823227355472728064/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SethAbramson: Retweet if you want networks to stop booking Kellyanne Conway, the first U.S. presidential counselor to openly advocate l…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HellkatSally: Hey white women, let’s keep our momentum going and show up to BLM marches by the hundreds to serve as a buffer the police…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ESYudkowsky: Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn't make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until t…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I think "pro" tips might be lost on that catastrophic failure. https://twitter.com/shepazu/status/823303336019562496”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mcspocky: There are two types of men in this world. https://twitter.com/mcspocky/status/823268524512555008/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JamesGleick: Straight kleptocracy—transfer of public property to the few. https://twitter.com/JoyceCarolOates/status/823229773967015939”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @iratesheep: Nah mate. We stamped it out once, we'll stamp it out again. https://twitter.com/iratesheep/status/823289044562018304/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @orphanrowbrina: we need to get rid of the idea that woman=vagina. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. And we need our feminism to…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @polyphobia: My entire Twitter feed seems to be about Trump and vaginas tonight, but only one of them is an actual cunt..”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tonyschwartz: Thinking people must fight ferociously to affirm relentlessly that facts are real. Without such clarity, we have no civil…”—@ndw
22 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter His eventual departure will change nothing unless Pence throws out the entire Whitehouse staff.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Yes, that's clearly wrong too. But the fact that they'll now baldly publish utter fabrications everywhere is ... unsettling.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aljopainter Historically, data published by the US gov. has been factually accurate. Politicians may prevaricate, but that's not the same.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: This is a genuine concern that hadn't occurred to me before: https://twitter.com/intelwire/status/823009571509850112”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scottderrickson: "Sean, gaslighting is about the incremental escalation of lies. I thought you understood this when I hired you." https…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @airawyn: "I came here to KNIT HATS and PUNCH NAZIS and I'm all outta yarn." #protestsigns”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Not sure how to internalize the fact that from now on the federal government is going to lie. All the time. About everything. #resist”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ShibleyTelhami: Story is not Spicer or numbers; it's the disturbing obsessions of POTUS that distract him from vital issues and make hi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @WatertownDem: Today I started following half an onion in an attempt to annoy the current president. The future is weird. /”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Kasparov63: Misinformation is a numbers game. There is only one truth, but the number of lies is infinite. Quantity can easily overwhel…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @hankgreen: Dear Women, Thank you.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: Exactly! @namedgraph - A declarative Web means access for many. Imperative is an abstract component for a few. @ketacode @…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nicholaskitchel: This is not the #WomensMarch. This is only the crowd of people who are walking to the march. On one street. Incr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mistertodd: Only just discovering these Dr Seuss political cartoons from 1941, pillorying future Trump foreign policy slogan "America F…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jonrog1: Whenever I hear "radical feminism" or "cuck" or "emasculation" I always think: I gotta call my dad and thank him for not being…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Charlee_earl: Honoured to be a part of #WomensMarchWales today in Cardiff with my girls and good friends. A woman's place is in the res…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @paulkrugman: Media had the Trump-Russia story, but didn't publish; the Comey letter, on the other hand ... for want of a spine, the wor…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Apropos of a bunch of @ann_leckie tweets crossing my stream: if you haven't read the Ancillary series yet, move it to the top of your list.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sharonhenry101: @MattAsherS @digitaljami I love being called a snowflake, because this is what 65,844,954 snowflakes looks like. https:…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: Warmest wishes to anyone heading to the Women’s March today! And condolences to DC tourists from abroad who don’t follow the…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I'll post pics from the Austin march later this week. So much energy. So much love. #resist”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Proud to have walked with Austin women today. Latest (but perhaps not final) estimate: fifty thousand! #resist”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: This is the best. Love and honor to everyone out on the streets today. https://twitter.com/RaeHodge/status/822783356618280960”—@ndw
21 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @emptywheel: Dear Trump: For all of history that speech will be mocked for its darkness. All bc you read from a white supremacist's scri…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Austin women's march was way bigger than anticipated. Route was something like 8-12 blocks and easily lapped itself. #resist”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @w_fightback: If you're mad about women marching to protect their rights,that means you're really mad about women having any rights. #W…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DailyPratchett: "There are people who will follow any dragon, worship any god, ignore any iniquity. All out of a kind of humdrum, every…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattdpearce: 1. My train to the inauguration; 2. My train to the Women's March — or it was supposed to be, but it was too full for me t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bryngreenwood: If you find women marching for civil liberties emasculating, you might be a misogynist. Also we already have Men's March…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Things to take out of your wallet before going to a march: the backup 2FA codes for your accounts.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @goldengateblond: “Tell me who admires and loves you, and I will tell you who you are.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry https://t.co/sb5l0zas…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MommaDoebs: For those going to march this weekend, a great reminder: don't break the line. https://twitter.com/MommaDoebs/status/822274187704369153/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kendall With great power comes great responsibility. Or something.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@BadAstronomer Death. And lots of it.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“There's no record Trump has resigned from his companies? OMG! Do you think he could have lied!?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kendall I aspire to be looking on the other side of oceans.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @psygnisfive: "Way to go, now the public feels sympathy for a nazi" if the public feels sympathy for a nazi, they're fucking nazi sympa…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @TheNardvark: BREAKING: The Secret Service has shot and killed another time traveller, bringing today’s total to 873. #InaugurationDay”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chetman: This quote from @johnroderick (to @hodgman) kinda spells out what we gotta do: http://mischeathen.com/?p=18894”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AliceAvizandum: all of these people horrified by violence against Nazis are gonna be really upset when they find out about world war two”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StephenAtHome: Pope Francis offered some words to Donald Trump today. The sentiment was appreciated and all, but exorcisms have to be p…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @gabedelahaye: If this can offer any comfort today, I went to grad school with Richard Spencer, and my one memory is that he was mad no…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shelleypowers: Best take on Trump's speech: What President Trump Doesn’t Get About America https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/20/opinion/what-president-trump-doesnt-get-about-america.html?smid=tw-share”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: Man it’s gotta suck waking up from a coma right now”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@hunterhacker I bet he can.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @devlin1: GOP, this is the respect you deserve. https://twitter.com/__BHB__/status/822559569486430209”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Sonic_Screwup: The longer y'all take to learn that racism and nationalism can't be 'loved' out of existence, the longer it's going to e…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @timbray: Two unit tests, no integration tests. https://twitter.com/timbray/status/822470746773409794/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lottelydia: If the people in power don’t care about you, good luck getting them to listen to your ‘respectful questions’ & ‘peaceful en…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RichardDawkins: “Ashamed to be American?” Don’t be. The majority of you voted against this narcissistic, xenophobic, vainglorious, igno…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GonzoHacker: - reverts almost every patch applied in the last 50 years - minor bugfixes and improvements - moves some features to paid…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GonzoHacker: POTUS 45 introduces a lot of breaking changes”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @harryhalpin: Civil war in the USA between the multicultural youth and old racist white dudes with asshole frat boys. Bring It On! #Inau…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mnot: Welcome to the darkest timeline.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @studentactivism: An indisputable truth: Police at political demonstrations are far more often the perpetrators than the victims of mob…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GonzoHacker: Life is a variable length string terminated by endless whitespace”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: And men and a variety of people whose genders are theirs and theirs alone to identify and name. Thank you all! #WomensMarc…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: Need: The #Earth and #Universe Need: Affordable quality #Healthcare Need: Right to our #Gender Identi(ties) Need: Right t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @WelshDalaiLama: We aren't all dead yet, so Trump's presidency already far exceeds expectations.”—@ndw
20 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat I'm making short ribs!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AmberTozer: British boyfriend: How's it going in America Me: The education secretary used grizzly bears as an excuse to have guns at s…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @violetblue: They came for all us sex people first, and we tried to warn you about it then. https://twitter.com/fmanjoo/status/821708689857912838”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathling: when man determined to destroy himself he picked the was of shall and finding only why smashed it into because #poetry #eecum…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@dckc @mattb Anyone verified that selecting the option has any material effect?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The NEA was always doomed. Y'all have worked out that PBS is doomed too, right?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: As a gesture of patriotism, have one drink each for the first forty-four American presidents, and then all the other drinks f…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @girlziplocked: You have finished American Democracy on Easy. Play again on more difficult setting? Y/N. Y? You have selected: Nightm…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @socdec: "I don't know why people expect art to make sense. They accept the fact that life doesn't make sense." David Lynch, born Jan 2…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GreatDismal: I keep asking myself: What sequence of events, in all human history, was stranger, more bizarre, more tragically ridiculou…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: It's probable that our coming days will be dark. We are all of us, the world, involved in a shift. Encourage peace. #resis…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @peterdaou: This is exactly correct. And we have to do our job to uphold democracy. https://twitter.com/AudraEqualityMc/status/822190381773258753”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @catvalente: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing workers to identify with rich men instead of other workers.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @anildash: Extraordinary profile of Joe Biden's huge role includes a perfect example of exactly what's wrong in tech: https://t.co/SVVpq…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ianbremmer: Theresa May, last year. This is A-game flip flopping. https://twitter.com/ianbremmer/status/821992367662178304/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @unixstickers: An error a day, Keeps release away. #devhumor”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @annevk: Aside: why not person- or something-in-the-middle?”—@ndw
19 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“What's the over/under on the world ending before dinner time tomorrow. Should I bother to defrost something?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“So with Twitter 2FA, it always sends an SMS even after you've established an authentication app?”—@ndw
[H] opened docbook/defguide#28
[T] tweeted“What happens in a future where Putin wins, the Republic falls, and fascism sweeps through Europe? Can humanity ever recover?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“It's hard to imagine that it's a thing he cares about personally because, you know, it's a thing that isn't him.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“On the eve of the inauguration, the historically important question seems to be, will his handlers successfully bring down the Republic?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MykeCole: The writer is an engine that ingests a 2:1 ratio of caffeine to alcohol, and produces a 1:2 ratio of words to anxiety.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @textfiles: From the new CIA archives, we already have a front-runner for "imagine the backstory of this memo". https://twitter.com/textfiles/status/821929974949117956/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @poniewozik: Pro: the oral history of this decision will be amazing Con: will literally be an oral history, told by shamans around a gut…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AdamMGrant: The world would be in much better shape if we relied less on what's easy to understand and more on what's true. Via @ianbre…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@roessler Uhm. I think you may have misunderstood.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kplawver: He’s travesty of a mockery of a sham of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of the very idea of a president. #bananas #mistrial”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: Your reminder that our incoming president is a sad and ridiculous figure of mockery, alas. https://twitter.com/Breznican/status/821883178000547840”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mathowie: Silicon Valley only exists because millions of California kids in the 60s and 70s had awesome public schools (including Steve…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: Reminded in the last couple of days there are things other people are intensely passionate on that I don't give a crap about. W…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FamesJallows: Trump's nominees are trying real hard not to just break and say "look guys, I'm sorry, the law really isn't a thing for u…”—@ndw
18 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: so this is the most brutally accurate paragraph of 2017 so far. https://twitter.com/rustindodd/status/821150417434398720/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @baratunde: "if libraries didn't exist today, they'd be banned" b/c content industry wouldn't allow it. TRUTH by @Rasiej at @nypl #kfciv…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The principle objection that the GOP have to the ACA (also medicare and social security) is that they were enacted by democrats. #believable”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@doctortovey @tiny_star_field Very cute.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ElNuevoOtroMio2: "Defend life, marriage, religious freedom" Translation: "remove or suppress rights for women, gay people and those wh…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: Why the *fuck* is donald trump "Who to Follow" list? @Twitter, fix yer algorithms. WE MADE YOU. Give BACK. Shut this shit…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @missokistic: "Give a man a fish, you're a socialist. Teach a man to fish--lol jk, we slashed education funding again." -ancient Republi…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dhmspector: We are living in a simulation and the avatars are driven by markov-chains. Clearly. #trump #simulacrum #insanity https:/…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @BrandyLJensen: I had forgotten what it's like to read a breaking news alert that doesn't make me want to die”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @xor: 33 years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled Betamax legal. As the studios predicted, it crushed the budding American film industry…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @aedison: Please remember to exercise self-care and take a break from being aghast at U.S. politics to be appalled at U.K. politics.”—@ndw
17 Jan 2017
[H] commented issue docbook/docbook#72
16 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @FrankConniff: I will boycott any performer who appears at Trump's inaugural as soon someone explains to me who they are and where I mig…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JolyonMaugham: Brexit means... the tax dodges, environmental standards and worker exploitation no other country will offer. https://t.c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Harryslaststand: When 1200 families descended from aristocrats own 1/3 of the land in England the #HousingCrisis isn't migrants but a r…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @yeselson: Here's interesting thing about Kentucky: ACA a great and humane success, yet not one R in the state will defend it, populatio…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sarahchurchwell: This is exactly what I've been saying. This whole shitshow comes down to good faith. People operating in bad faith des…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bryngreenwood: So true. If anyone gives you shit for "playing" on your phone instead of socializing, remind them that your friends are…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @brucel: Breaking: Programmer accused of writing unreadable code refuses to comment.”—@ndw
15 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @repjohnlewis: Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Hate is too heavy a burden to bear. But when you see something that's not fair or just, you ha…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @fozmeadows: People who won't pay for healthcare, libraries, hospitals, welfare etc but who want to live in a functional society? THEY a…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jelani9: The anti-vax movement can only exist bc few living Americans can recall what polio actually did to ppl. I fear the same is tru…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nosemonkey: They've not worked out a plan for how to make Brexit a success, but you can be certain they've worked out their excuses for…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MicroSFF: "Youths just stare at their phones, instead of talking to people." "They talk to people on their phones." "Those aren't real…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sippey: Via a friend, cocktail suggestion for Jan 20: the “Nyet My President.” White Russian, beneath a thin orange skin and fake gold…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“See also: The GOP in recent history and, horrifically, the present and at least near future. https://twitter.com/solange_lebourg/status/820457343498551296”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @obra: Just like bugs, patches didn't start off as a metaphor. https://twitter.com/codealike/status/819990490774904833”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jlina: It's MLK weekend and Trump is attacking a civil rights hero so it's a good time to repost the MLK quote that us white folk gotta…”—@ndw
14 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @adamjohnsonNYC: i see we've moved on to the "harvesting the blood of the poor" stage of late capitalism https://twitter.com/adamjohnsonNYC/status/820137756559081474/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @svgeesus: How can Britain exit the EU? As a nation state Britain doesn’t really exist | David Marquand https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/13/britain-doesnt-really-exist-exit--eu?CMP=share_btn_tw”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tholmz: Say it with me: you can never ban abortion, you can only ban safe abortions. REPEAT FOREVER.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @inkstainsclaire: Same reason even men's pyjamas have pockets but my new coat doesn't. https://twitter.com/smokintofu/status/820027289236832256”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @caitlin__kelly: "And now let's check in with our correspondent, reporting live from American democracy. How's it going, Joe?" https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PaperWash: 18: can I buy a bottle of wine? USA: no that's illegal & irresponsible 18: can I go $50,000 into debt for education? USA:…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @inespohl: "We the people are greater than fear": Shepard Fairey’s inauguration protest poster https://twitter.com/inespohl/status/819632334186156034/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: On behalf of my fucked up country and the equal abuse of a once Free and Open User-Driven Web, I apologize. This is not th…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“If you can really hold it in your head, and it isn't easy, that they want to burn the whole govt down, it almost makes some kind of sense.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Trump said yesterday no one cares about his tax returns. @RonWyden & I have a bill requiring their release. Retweet this…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @seelix: Pro-life folks: Pregnancy is completely safe! Everyone should do it! Insurance Industry: Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @technomancy: LISPERS: Lisp is great coz you can create any abstraction you want! ALSO LISPERS: Let's use functions named after registe…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat Enough already! :-)”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KristineWyllys: They WANT the world to end. This is all part of Revelations to them. We're in the end of days and they're rooting for i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RikerGoogling: are the brexit related to the deplorables”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @caseyliss: Oppposition I’ve heard to ACA: • it cost me money • it’s not perfect Support: • I would have died without the coverage it g…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat You're two for two.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven Who's laughing?”—@ndw
13 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat You have found my weakness already!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @hoeroins: someone just tweeted "do crabs think fish are flying" and i just know this is all i'll think about for the rest of the year”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Beginning to half-seriously consider arranging to be out of the country next week.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I'm not looking forward to finding out. https://twitter.com/mattyglesias/status/819952999409848320”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ProAntiTheist: The #creationists of today are intellectually equivalent to the religious geocentrist of yesterday. #atheist”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The tone from the top is we're all gonna die. https://twitter.com/peteaven/status/819954878395142145”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @peteaven: "The ethics program starts at the top. The signals a President sends sets a tone across the Executive branch.The tone from th…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mholzschlag Keep on winning, Molly. We're pulling for you!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jduffyrice: He is literally a politician deciding what is or isn't in your health plan https://twitter.com/pryan/status/819730747875540992”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@TripIt You know, it's an inconvenience, but it's hardly my "worst nightmare."”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @blueghosties: I'm from the US...you do NOT want a privatised healthcare. You will go broke paying the bills and die if you can't afford…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jakebackpack: Almost as if boomers engaged a massive generational program of capital sequestration, treating their children's future li…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: The problem is not partisanship. The problem is that one side of the political spectrum has been co-opted by bad actors.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: The single most brilliant thing I've ever read. https://twitter.com/MrDomHarrison/status/818542899025604609/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @sacca: 3,000 Americans will die per month. Same number who died in 9/11. Every. Single. Month. All so that rich people like me can get…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @matthoneycutt: You can tell how difficult a piece of code was to create by the amount of logging sprinkled throughout it.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LOLGOP: But those richest 400 Americans will be SO HEALTHY that their health will trickle down the the 8.4 million kids the GOP voted t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GerryDuggan: If a foreign power plotted to kill as many Americans as our Senate did tonight, we would be at war.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kiplet: Willing to kill thousands and immiserate millions so their cronies might enjoy slightly lower tax bills come April.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: I mean, that whole "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is kind of throwaway bullshit nonsense without he…”—@ndw
12 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @Fusion: How did the GOP take over the presidency, Congress and most state legislatures? Hint: It didn't involve getting more votes. ht…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“A few hundred rich, white men inflict pain, suffering, humiliation, and eventually death on millions without reason or consequence. Sadists.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @digby56: I knew they planned the ACA repeal.I didn't know they would repeal S-CHIP. They are more depraved than I knew and I knew they…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ANDREWTI: Republicans in 2010: "If Obamacare passes, there will be death panels." Republicans now: "Oh, it's us, by the way." https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bergopolis: Not only are they blank, but if this were my set I would fire the propmaster for lack of realism. They are that fake. https…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidKlion: The group of writers formerly known as Gawker is on fire today. No wonder Thiel wanted them shut down. https://t.co/zWJjctr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @summerbrennan: Applying the term "pre-existing condition" to people is evil. We are not damaged objects, we are human beings.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JensenClan88: Hey guys, the Republican Senate is repealing health insurance programs for children at 1 AM, so that's how you know they'…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aredridel @emceeaich That would be a wise and sensible move. One hopes that '18 isn't too late. I'm afraid '16 worked out rather badly.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@aredridel @emceeaich I'd tell you the GOP will attempt to enact legislation to prevent it.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: (Quick reminder before bed, it's not only the very savvy/clever who get rich - it's also those who aren't limited by normal…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @WelshGasDoc: Whereas I can’t stand the baby-boomer generation who got fat off the post-War riches, broke the bank then pulled the ladde…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: Actually can't bear to follow the horror in the Senate as Republicans rip apart health insurance for thirty million people w…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“And now for something that doesn't make you wish for the sweet relief of death. https://twitter.com/NBCNightlyNews/status/819300820772646914”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @digiphile: Transparency theater on the cheap. https://twitter.com/bergopolis/status/819361200370614274”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@billamend It'd be my pleasure to buy you a drink!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @morganhousel: "Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading."”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mattyglesias: Don’t let be fooled. Trump is not popular. People do care about this stuff. You’re not alone and you’re not insane. https…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kennybastani: Software can be art. But it's more like graffiti than an oil painting. It's ephemeral. Someone will come along eventually…”—@ndw
11 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @RogerQuimbly: Not only did he piss on a bed, he also had a shit in a lift. https://twitter.com/RogerQuimbly/status/818970765240532992/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@hoehne_paul The got bought by Atlassian so I expect the service will deteriorate and become annoying.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Damnit. I liked Trello. Oh, well.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @peterdaou: Time to stop using Watergate as a benchmark. This is a different level. It's the stuff of movie scripts rejected for being…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Obama is fundamentally a good person. Trump is fundamentally not. A lot of Trump voters knew that and decided it didn't…”—@ndw
10 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @bphogan: Lots of people arguing about H1-Bs to fill the talent gap. You know what else fills the talent gap? Hiring remote employees. :D”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: Pretty sure it's "rich people fuck off to floating moon cities while the rest of us tumor-laden proles work the Soylent Gr…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @callahad: Conferences! *Please* include the year in URLs, and archive past sites. As a speaker, stable URLs and historical data are cru…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @holden: Problem is a monopolistic digital capitalism, with ad-driven worship of virality. You can't build a worthwhile info arch on top…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @HMittelmark: "Genuinely evil" or "really just that fucking stupid" is the wave or particle debate of our time.”—@ndw
09 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @foomeister: Be the third donkey you want to see in the world. https://twitter.com/Awesome_planet_/status/817391079796391937/video/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlishaRai: "That was not the place" re: Meryl? Well, I don't think twitter is the place for our PEOTUS to sext Russia and bully China…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @paulandstorm: [S] The whole Streep reaction thing is definitely galling, but the current Trump/GOP moves are scary af... https://twitter.com/nsm”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @leahmcelrath: 1. Repeal without replacement = denying lifesaving treatment 2. Ending SNAP = letting people (many of them children, ffs…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @leahmcelrath: Translation: Poor people should die because they can't afford medical treatment. That's LITERALLY what he's saying. htt…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tinybuddha: Please try not to judge how someone is dealing with a pain you have never experienced. https://twitter.com/tinybuddha/status/817853366323838976/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DrAlakbarov: The UK gov don’t believe in a compassionate, caring society, where everyone does better and we look after those that need…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @KameronHurley: Unemployment was at 7.9% when Reagan was re-elected and that was considered a huge success. It's 4.9% now but whatever O…”—@ndw
08 Jan 2017
[T] favorited“API Team at the @MarkLogic holiday party last night held at the @calacademy aquarium. https://twitter.com/clickfarmer/status/818193245503037440/photo/1”—@clickfarmer
[T] retweeted“RT @SGardinier: @mccanner Culture that worships men's strength & money stops pretending reverence for anything else”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: My statement on the upcoming inauguration: https://twitter.com/RepKClark/status/817156290514419712/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DrJackyDavis: Here's why the NHS is in crisis, it's underfunded not overspent. Don't blame the staff, blame the Tory government https:/…”—@ndw
07 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @Evan_McMullin: Excellent piece by @jkirchick. Sadly, it's a story of the triumph of party over country, and rot among our leaders. http…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @solikebasically: DON'T 👏🏻 CALL 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 TRADITIONAL 👏🏻 MARRIAGE 👏🏻 IF 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 DOESN'T 👏🏻 EVEN 👏🏻 SECURE 👏🏻 ALLIANCES 👏🏻 BETWEEN 👏🏻 RIV…”—@ndw
06 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @FutureBoy: I wonder if there's some alarming historical precedent for doxxing Jewish intellectuals and journalists ... no wait, it'll c…”—@ndw
[T] favorited“Me: Technically, that's cassia, not cinnamon Mum: Ooh, really? And how many fucks am I meant to give? 😂 #MumIsOnFireToday”—@doctortovey
[T] tweeted“@kendall I have lots of words, many I don't say in public very often, but none of them help make any sense of the misogyny and sadism.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MJMcKean: All art should be deviant.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kendall And they just want to blow it up. Apparently for the sadistic pleasure of blowing it up and hurting people. It's...I have no words”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @CcSteff: I fervently wish that my tax dollars could be used to provide abortions.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@grechaw @peteaven Shame those are going to go away now. Luckily, we don't need clean air or water to live. Waaait...”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jerryjamesstone: Top Obamacare States by Enrollees: FL - 1,300,000 TX - 776,000 NC - 369,077 GA - 352,000 PA - 290,950 All Trump…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Parker9_: This is the chart that Republicans REALLY don't want you to see. So instead, let's share the hell out of it. #StandWithPP h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @fight4medicare: Democrats should not *help* the GOP with any health care replacement. Democrats should call for #Medicare4All. That's i…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @chessninja: I spend way too much time on Russian news for work, and it's creepy how the Kremlin-coordinated talking points are Trump tw…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @beckyfh: Farage thinks that hosting a radio show is "bypassing mainstream media"?! I suppose in the same way that he's not the elite.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mkolsek: @SwiftOnSecurity Ever think when you're walking on a sidewalk you're constantly feet away from being plowed by a thousand poun…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Ever think when ur flying ur sitting feet away from a thousand pound transonic radial knife titanium flesh shredder sp…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @FeministaJones: There is no sound, logical, or economic basis for this. This is pure hatred of women. https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/817103841053278208”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @SorenKQuotes: As soon as it has come to the point that the crowd is to judge what is truth, it will not be long before decisions are ma…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @daweiner: The New York Times should’ve just run this comment instead of that stupid piece. https://twitter.com/daweiner/status/817167066390216704/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scribandotcom: Federal funds can’t be used for abortion services, so this is simply a big🖕🏻to women & ppl who need access to low-cost h…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: New complexity class: FRONTEND-HARD. Any web page feature that can be described in a sentence, but apparently impossible to b…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“.@rshotton @codinghorror I herby resolve never to rant about those stupid blister packs ever again.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@crschmidt Yeah, 140 characters didn't leave me much room to make that observation.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven Not so much, really.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven @_james_fuller There. Is. No. Good. News.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I didn't want to be right about Medium, but I'm not surprised I was. You couldn't pay me to put content there. Well. Maybe if you paid me.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @austingunter: @jayrosen_nyu Agreed. I got frustrated that people don’t understand how this biz model works, so wrote this up https://t.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jayrosen_nyu: Every day the evidence grows: ad-supported publishing is a trap, traffic a mirage, sustainability a hard cruel road. http…”—@ndw
05 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@ptexpat Alas, not at the moment. And I had to give up the press recently, it never made the move to Texas. But as soon as I can again...”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“My badly explained hobby was letterpress printing, though I can see how a typewriter fits as well.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Apropos of yesterday's "here we go" tweet; "here it comes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN53M5jC8uI”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @doctortovey: I combine fresh & dried vegetable matter with various liquids & heat to cause chemical reactions; I eat the results. #Badl…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Spread an oily residue on tiny bits of metal and employ mechanical advantage​ to smash them onto pressed, dead trees #BadlyExplainYourHobby”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Actual TV news crawler: "Chickens escape coup after nearby car bursts into flames"”—@ndw
04 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“Hey @nytimes re: your email "In 2016, Times journalists went to extraordinary lengths". For 2017, please try factually accurate headlines.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@tug Worth a try, thanks!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ukhomeoffice It's been 13 months since my app. for citizenship (form UKM) was acknowledged. Any way to get a status update?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@tug No worries. Thanks for trying!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Hey @IdeaAlliance making me accept your terms of service to process my unsubscribe request seems a bit ... rude.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@tug No. I submitted an application 13 months ago. If it was going to take more than six months, I was supposed to be notified.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Any of my British followers have a line on how to get information out of the Home Office about citizenship applications?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“So, you're growing a beard. Yeah, I guess so. Why? To keep my face warm at #XMLPrague. #imaginedconversations”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @duncan: I just published “That new MacBook Pro with TouchID” https://x180.com/that-new-macbook-pro-with-touchid-4bfeb3cc411f”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Madeley: Translation: after colluding with the authoritarian Right for decades the press are freaking out, far too late, because now it…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LindaBeatty: That awkward moment when you realize your theist dad would kill you if his imaginary friend told him to... #Atheism #athei…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Madeley: Yes it's puzzling unless you had any knowledge of this talentless imbecile's prior career https://twitter.com/Madeley/status/816582386414653441/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davidcmoulton: Looks like Boris dangling, stuck on a zipwire, waving the Union flag was actually just describing the UK’s negotiating p…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@missokistic I don't think there's any evidence that they have plans that well formulated or likely to be viable.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shudson310: Scotty's Engineering Log: Favorite Quote of the New Year http://shudson310.blogspot.com/2017/01/my-favorite-quote-of-new-year-comes.html?spref=tw”—@ndw
03 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“@markfeeneysage It had the advantage of being substantially less rude than the first eleven things I typed.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Is it just me, or does the Nexus 6 camera app not record the date created in the EXIF metdata? GPSDateTime is the only thing I see.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @graubart: Knowing what we do about House GOP, this comes as no surprise, but still shocking they did it so brazenly https://t.co/FWjFem…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MalcolmNance: True America. Defend it! RT to everyone on your feed. HT @RobynBurlingam1 https://twitter.com/MalcolmNance/status/812610910460268544/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @ellenbacca: ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE COOLEST!! https://twitter.com/ellenbacca/status/815698418823811072/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StevePeers: Blaming foreign workers for the impact of government austerity policy. This man is a disgrace to trade unionism. https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @leecronin: I'm appalled how the UK visa system is treating talented new ppl I'm trying to hire. It's an utter travesty. We MUST reverse…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: Sorry I don't know who made this, but this be funny. https://twitter.com/jomcinerney/status/815561397182590976/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@andrewraphael @fredjean Clever. I shall give that a try next time.”—@ndw
02 Jan 2017
[T] retweeted“RT @GhostPanther: Right wing generates fake news & now calls every fact they don't like fake news. If I were 7 yrs old I'd admire the shit…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@fidothe Interesting. I didn't think to try that; I will next time.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mdubinko Next time it happens. It was last Friday and I've forgotten the culprit. One of the hotel chains, I think.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Who started the anti-pattern that you can't paste into a password field? I have a few angry words to share ...”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @lcamtuf: @ErrataRob As it turns out, most of what transpired last year is because the array was only 2015 long to begin with.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“I have no idea what I told Siri to remind me about while groggy last night, but it certainly wasn't this. https://twitter.com/webster/status/815919664329068544/photo/1”—@webster
[T] retweeted“RT @ChuckWendig: In case you forgot that @MadelineAshby is amazing -- this post is here to remind you. http://madelineashby.com/?p=2058”—@ndw
01 Jan 2017
[T] tweeted“"Maybe you should amuse yourself with riddles from the reconstruction." WTF?”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Good champagne. Old school coupe. Happy New Year! https://twitter.com/ndw/status/815616380783435777/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@Vaughan_Wms That only redoubles my enthusiasm for learning Welsh. /cc @doctortovey”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@doctortovey Alas, I will be several thousand miles away in California on the day.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @rem: Now that 2017 has started, it's time to turn my Christmas chocolate chub into rock hard muscle, like a hard boiled sweet…ooh, swee…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bryngreenwood: Don't kid yourself. 2017 is gonna be rough. Whatever privilege you've got, you need to leverage it for people with less.…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @frankieboyle: 2017 won't be all bad. For a few people living just the right distance from nuclear strikes, the radiation will cure thei…”—@ndw
31 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“@kendall Yes. We're doomed. We can't be saved. I think the world will be a lot safer without that unhinged, narcissistic loser in charge.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RadioFreeTom: Wait for it: the same conservatives who think EMP bombs are an imminent threat are going to laugh off the idea of hacking…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LouiseRawAuthor: Feel bad for 2017: terrible handover to get. Like being on relay team but yr teammate just randomly blew everything up…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Optimistic thoughts: a year from now we celebrate the failure of Brexit and the successful impeachment of Putin's stooge.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“The yard work is finished for the day. No fatalities were reported.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@Cantavestrella @doctortovey And Happy New Year, of course!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@Cantavestrella @doctortovey The squirrels get the lions share, I'm afraid. Not my tree; I'd be tempted to try netting it or something.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@Cantavestrella @doctortovey No climbing required. Was about 15' tall, now about 3'. https://twitter.com/ndw/status/815251424229683200/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven @doctortovey Safely descended. No falls required, trust or otherwise. https://twitter.com/ndw/status/815249284941619200/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@doctortovey Don't worry, I've moved on to trimming the fig tree atop the 20 foot retaining wall.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Half way down a narrow path along the top of a steep cliff, hauling dead brush on the last day of 2016 suddenly feels rather foolhardy.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AEMarling: Last year's resolution: read more books. This year's resolution: https://twitter.com/AEMarling/status/814908919550185473/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@PPact @siracusa I already donated, but I donated again in honor of the ignorant, hate filled morons in the replies.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MKLabourParty: Need a New year's resolution?: Join a Trade Union https://twitter.com/MKLabourParty/status/814962840373252096/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @cyber_octopus: Yeah, I can see how Americans got confused... https://twitter.com/cyber_octopus/status/815040863592034305/photo/1”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tommorris: When you are waiting in the "non-EU passports" queue and it costs £5 to text back home, you'll be glad we opted for freedom…”—@ndw
[T] favorited“My 4-year-old didn't know what the meat thermometer was called so she said "time knife" which is now what I'll call it until the day I die”—@joeyalison
[T] retweeted“RT @jackhidary: Want to know why our #political system is broken? Here is part of the story in this red inkblots #CongressIsUseless https:/…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers An atomic flash, perhaps?”—@ndw
30 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers It will, one hopes, utterly destroy the GOP. But so many will suffer, and some will die, so I can't wish for it.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“If you drink while prepping dinner, does that make it mise en plastered? [If? --ed]”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @xml_project: MorganaXProc 1.0.2 released. Highlight: Support for XPath 3.0. Some bugs fixed. #xproc More? See http://www.xml-project.com/morganaxproc-1-0-2-released/”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LouiseRawAuthor: Like it or not, the rules have changed. We've never seen press bias like this- in the US and here. It's a new age. @ch…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Nothing to do with me, just to be clear :-), but seems pretty spot on. https://twitter.com/mathling/status/814577240423833600”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @LOLGOP: The U.S. has expelled 35 Russian diplomats. In retaliation, the Russians are making us keep Donald Trump.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“All of the truth. All. Of. It. https://twitter.com/SaraMG/status/798791783891075073”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: If #simonschuster said they were publishing a book by a known Muslim extremist, the right (and left) would be appalled.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @StopFundingHate: Pls share if you think it's time for advertisers to stop funding newspapers that seek to divide us against each other…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MaxCRoser: 24-hour-news-channels report everything but long-term trends; one reason why we don’t know about development https://t.co/l3…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @joshbloch: For those too young to remember, John Dean was Richard Nixon's White House counsel. He knows whereof he speaks. https://t.co…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mdubinko: at one point in the video, the bullet hits the glass and *the bullet* shatters into pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24q80ReMyq0 #PRD”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @AlGiordano: OMG! Journalism! (From Vanity Fair. Any reported story on this chucklehead that doesn't have this level of fact is forever…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @j4: Bravo, Alpha Sierra Tango Alpha Romeo Delta! https://twitter.com/pdersjant/status/814561140827164672”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @raynerlucas: If you wanted an old song, you had to ask a local wireless streaming company to play it, then illegally capture it on a so…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @Pinboard: So @StartAFireCom republishes your stuff under their own URL, adds tracking/surveillance, and allows you to “opt out”. Who fu…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @marcuschown: The thing about human rights is it protects humans. That means everybody who is a human. Not merely people Theresa May dec…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @cubicgarden: "Evernote is the quintessential case of what happens when you inject cow steroids into a rat." https://medium.com/@mobitar/evernote-is-what-happens-when-you-mix-vc-with-a-notes-app-8a6a9ce5a9c5#.ayyq4hi1m”—@ndw
29 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“@cubicgarden Interesting. I'll write up my notes in the new year when I've ressurected my weblog. @tommorris”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@cubicgarden @tommorris I don't think it's that heavy weight, but it does require connectivity. Should be possible to do offline storage.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MsTexas1967: It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternate universe and is populating it sele…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davepell: Faster news cycles favor liars, imbeciles, and blowhards. Slow down.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Bibliogato: *whispers to the world* hire women to write about Carrie Fisher not men *that* would be honoring her legacy.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kendall: Years aren't real. Every day ends and begins a year. We lose irreplaceable people every day. It hurts. Only love, always. Year…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@skepticscience You mean if there's anyone to remember it, right?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dawnardentgroks: I vote that in honor of #CarrieFisher we start affectionately calling our daughters "General" instead of "Princess." 👊”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@mholzschlag Oh, goodness! Get well soon!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @mholzschlag: Well. I guess this is good news. I have a unilateral chronic diffuse subdural hematoma, explaining the seizures, behavior…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@scalzi Sure. Now you're all about kicking it. Where were you six months ago?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @scalzi: No. I already know 2017 is likely to be horrible. 2016 is awful because it had the potential to be really good. https://t.co/KJ…”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“.@timbray I was moved by it years ago, and I am moved again.”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @MrEmilyHeller: trying to explain the patriarchy to men feels like telling someone who has never heard of bones that there's a skeleton…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @GhostPanther: Average citizen's powers: govt, unions, the press, art, courts. The GOP magic trick: getting average citizens to be again…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers @highcountrynews House Republicans want to burn it all down. They seem likely to. Extinction is a perfectly natural process.”—@ndw
28 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“"If they can't tell the truth from fantasy / do they even know it when they lie?" http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/read.cgi?id=20050408&tid=1612500 https://twitter.com/jonathanchait/status/814095871986069504”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @laurenduca: Harassment is a theft of social capital via time & energy. It's exhausting and wholly unethical. It will also never be enou…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @jfruh: the "all-time high" is 1/10th of 1%, a level that would be a wild fantasy low in, say, defense contracting https://t.co/T3ept2Yh…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@standupmaths The macro shtick was very clever and funny. Did you have to fabricate the giant 4 color pen?”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @GonzoHacker: Defend your fringe people or you will become the new fringe”—@ndw
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[T] tweeted“.@scalzi I'm happy to pay my taxes into security nets that help everyone, even assholes. Everyone has rights, even assholes.”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @Kevin_Maguire: We should remember George Michael was the son of a Greek Cypriot, his dad coming to Britain in 1950. Migration enriches…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @DavidYankovich: Donald Trump isn't poison to our nation because he is an idiot. He's poison because he convinced 60+ million people t…”—@ndw
27 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“I'll double my donation to the first political org (that I'd consider supporting at all) with a "never email me" option on the pledge page.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @kiwinerd: Memo to trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer folks getting merrily misgendered by family on feast days. You are valid. Your gend…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @nytimes: Many conservatives have appropriated "fake news" and turned it against any news they see as hostile to their agenda https://t.…”—@ndw
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26 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“Given a body of work (movies, series, specials, etc.) and all the associated metadata, you could build a really compelling site. But not HBO”—@ndw
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[H] pushed master at ndw/jafpl
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[T] tweeted“@jonwilliams80 No. I expect 2017 to be unrelentingly awful. But I'd still rather not have the zombie corpse of 2016 attacking from behind.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers "A bullet?" #sigh I will never be a successful entrepreneur or good capitalist b/c I cannot see the world as a zero-sum game.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ErgoEmacs A lot more often since @melpa_emacs started notifying me about new packages. Before that, not significantly in perhaps a decade.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @davidfolkenflik: "we’ve effectively brainwashed the core of our audience to distrust anything that they disagree with" https://t.co/JSh…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MattMurph24: 80% of Evangelical Christians voted for a man that openly mocked the disabled. I'm sure Jesus would be so proud. https://t…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @UKIPNFKN: Brexit is 'God-given' chance to steal business from Britain, Donald Trump's trade aide declares via @DailyMirror #… https://t…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“On January 1st, I propose that we dig up the corpse of 2016 and drive a wooden stake through its heart, just to be sure.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @evacide: Broad spying powers aren't about fighting terrorism. UK councils used RIPA to discover who was feeding pigeons. https://twitter.com/iok”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @michaelneale: JSON Bourne: a movie about a spy that didn’t know his past as comments weren’t allowed as part of the spec.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tcarmody: A dark, existentialist reboot of BACK TO THE FUTURE where Marty greets the prospect of being erased from existence with curio…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @aishacs: I totally get why everyone hates 2016 but eagerness to see it go? 2016 is the cliff. But for 2017, the US voted for the abyss.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @maureenjohnson: Maybe 2016 is the year a lot of heroes were born and we don't know yet.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @PinPopular: It's that time of year again when people need to see this the most. https://twitter.com/Sable_Gryphon/status/812505244529815552/photo/1”—@ndw
25 Dec 2016
[T] tweeted“@shelleypowers Based on his cabinet choices, I'm sure T will choose a centri...no, waait a minute ... :-(”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @MaraWilson: So the Rockettes should "do their job" but pharmacists who don't want to give birth control or bakers that won't serve gay…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @shelleypowers: Don't forget the exploitation of public land, climate denial, and destruction of endangered species. Oh and trashing our…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @pronounced_ing: Hey @StateFarm, thank you for showing an interracial couple in your ads. I support you.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @videostark: Historians: Trump is bad Holocaust Survivors: Trump reminds me of Hitler Nuke Experts: We are all gonna die Conservatives…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kiphampton Oh, that sucks. Best wishes for making good lemonade.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @RebetikoWalrus: This is how proper British people behave towards our friends in Europe. https://twitter.com/JamieJBartlett/status/812279247456862208”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @moshekasher: There are two categories of American citizens,those who believe there is a war on Christmas&those with the potential for c…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @arthur_affect: Santa Claus is our way of teaching kids that ppl getting what they deserve is an elaborate lie and all that matters is h…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kendall No. I can't. I'm sorry. No power on earth could make me watch that.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JuddLegum: 18. The law Trump will be violating, the Constitution, requires Congress to enforce it. They won't but that doesn't make it…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@slightlylate I so totally understand.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @JoyAnnReid: Exactly. Like she was wasting his time asking for intervention when a grown man choked her 7-year-old. To this cop her fami…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @fawfulfan: What a shame Trump is shutting down his foundation. They spend millions of dollars to better the lives of literally one pers…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @NightValeRadio: Later tonight, a man unbound from time & space will leave boxes under decorated pine totems as assessments of children'…”—@ndw
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[T] retweeted“RT @acgrayling: There is something important going on: big swings in public opinion to #Remain; major change of sentiment; majority against…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @roseperson: Stop citing examples of people succeeding despite poverty/racism to argue the system's not so bad. Some people survived the…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Donalds_Diary: Dear Santa, Please bring me An ounce of humanity A grain of intelligence A soul And a pair of really small mittens @real…”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @estherschindler: I ordered a chicken and egg from Amazon. I'll let you know.”—@ndw


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