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Pic of normHello, and welcome to my home page. [Are home pages still a thing?] If you're browsing the web with graphics enabled, that's me over there on the right.

The following links say a little bit more about me…

MarkLogic Corporation

My day job. I'm a Principal Engineer. Mostly these days, I do engineering. I work almost exclusively out of my home in Austin, Texas (Ain't telecommuting grand?).

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

I'm also an author (as you might have noticed).

The best way to contact me is at home, with this PGP key, if you wish. See also: Keybase.

Here's a bio that is sometimes used to describe me:

Norman Walsh is a Lead Engineer at MarkLogic Corporation where he helps to develop APIs and tools for the world's leading enterprise NoSQL database. Norm is also an active participant in a number of standards efforts worldwide: he is chair of the XML Processing Model Working Group, co-chair of the XML Core Working Group, and an active member of the XSLT and XQuery Working Groups. At OASIS, he is chair of the DocBook Technical Committee.

With two decades of industry experience, Norm is well known for his work on DocBook and a wide range of open source projects. He is the author of DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide.

[I Want to Believe poster with flying saucer]More informally, I'm a skeptic, but I was also a big fan of The X-Files. Yes, I want to believe. But I don't. Like most Americans, I used to watch too much television; not having a television has largely fixed that. Among the shows I used to enjoy were Nova, Mystery, Deadwood, House, Lost, and Dr. Who (which I still find a way to watch!). Going back a few years, I was a devoted follower of Star Trek and The Prisoner. No, I don't read enough. Technical and science stuff, mostly. And a few comics.

I'm disorganized by nature but I find an electronic organizer can keep my life in some sort of order. I used to carry a Palm Pilot, then I carried a Sidekick, I had an iPhone briefly, now I'm using an Android device.

If you got all the way down to here, you might even be interested in my weblog.