DocBook is a very popular XML (and formerly SGML) vocabulary for writing technical documentation (among other things). Years ago, I collected DocBook resources here, but they've long since moved farther afield.

There are four principal sources for DocBook:

  1. OASIS, the official home page for the DocBook Technical Committee, the maintenance organization for DocBook.

  2., the main website, and, official home of DocBook: The Definitive Guide , published by O'Reilly & Associates.

  3. The DocBook organization at GitHub, for the DocBook XSLT stylesheets, a number of derived doctypes, and some older technologies like DSSSL.

Projects Not (Yet) Moved Elsewhere

A couple of now moribund efforts remain here.

  • DocBook Processing Diagram

    A graphical representation of the flow of information through a complete XML publishing system for DocBook.

  • DocBook IDE

    I've long since abandoned this project.