I am a loyal and devoted fan of Emacs. It is the “One True Editor.” This page is devoted to the Emacs packages that I maintain.

ACL Mode

Once upon a time, I worked for the company formerly known as Arbortext. Arbortext Editor had a command language cleverly named “Arbortext Command Language” or ACL. It was kinda sorta like Perl. I developed acl-mode.el to make editing ACL easier.

World Wide Time

World Wide Time calculates the time of day in different time zones. Get it from GitHub.

XML Unicode

XML Unicode provides some convenience methods for inserting Unicode characters (in particular for what have traditionally been XML named character entities). Get it from GitHub.

See the code for more details, such as there are. I blogged it. I blogged xmlchars.el too, but that’s obsolete now.

Emacs XML Quotations

Emacs XML Quotations is a set of macros for generating quotations at the end of email messages. Get it from GitHub.