XML 2001 Schema Language Comparison Town Hall

The Schema Language Comparison Town Hall was held on Thursday, 13 Dec 2001 as part of XML 2001. About 100 people turned up to talk to the experts about their schema languages. The panel was moderated by Lauren Wood and featured John Cowan and Norman Walsh as the analysts.

These pages summarize the context and results of that comparison.

The panel was organized in the following way:

  1. Individuals were solicited with an invitation to join the panel. They became team leaders.

    The following teams were formed by the team leads (shown in bold). Teams and team members are listed alphabetically.

    Document Type Definition

    Steven J. DeRose, Deborah Lapeyre, and B. Tommie Usdin.


    James Clark and Murata Makoto.


    Rick Jelliffe, Francis Norton, and Eddie Robertsson

    XML Schema

    Martin Gudgin, Henry S. Thompson, and Priscilla Walmsley.

  2. The teams responded to our challenge.

  3. Producing these results.

  4. The analysts considered their results and put together a presentation for the town hall meeting.