XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0

This material was originally presented by Norman Walsh on 2 Aug 2004 at Extreme Markup Languages 2004 in Montréal, CA.

These slides were last updated on 2 Aug 2004.

These slides were produced from a single XML source document using XSLT. The PDF version was produced from the same source using XSL.

To make the slides accessible to the widest possible range of browsers, I’ve removed most of the fancy look-and-feel. The PDF version more closely resembles the slides as I presented them. Note, however, that the examples are only linked from the HTML version.

Note also that the links to the stylesheets and results in the slides point to pretty-printed versions of the results. The actual stylesheets are in the examples directory and the raw output is in the output directory.