XML Summer School

This year, I participated in both the “publishing” and “web technologies” tracks at XML Summer School. In the publishing track, I spoke about document reuse and validation; in the web technologies track, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

If you're interested in the slides, they're available through the links below, but note:

  • The web versions are designed for interactive presentation. They should work fine in a modern browser, but definitely require CSS and JavaScript. YMMV. Press “F1” for navigation help.

    For tablet navigation, there's an invisible “button” in the upper right corner that will (should) take you to the next slide; just to the left of that button is one that navigates the other way. Maybe. I'm not sure I've worked out tablet navigation yet.

  • The PDF versions aren't formatted quite as nicely and there are some parts, especially of the web technologies presentation, that are interactive. The interactivity obviously doesn't work in the PDF versions.

Without further ado, or any accompanying narration alas, here you go: Document Management (PDF) and HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (PDF).