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DocBook is a very popular XML (and SGML) vocabulary for writing technical documentation (among other things). With the creation of the DocBook project at SourceForge, many of the resources that used to be on this site are now elsewhere.

There are three principal sources for DocBook:

  1. OASIS, the official home page for the DocBook Technical Committee, the maintainance organization for DocBook.

  2. The DocBook Open Repository at SourceForge, the open source home for the DocBook XSL and DSSSL Stylesheets and a number of derived doctypes.

  3. DocBook.org, official home of DocBook: The Definitive Guide , published by O'Reilly & Associates.

Projects Not (Yet) Moved to SourceForge

  • DocBook Processing Diagram

    A graphical representation of the flow of information through a complete XML publishing system for DocBook.

  • DocBook IDE

    An Emacs major-mode that implements an integrated development environment for DocBook.