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This website is run by Norman Walsh to publish the software and resources he maintains. Enjoy your stay. If you're interested in the stuff here, you may also be interested in norm's weblog, norman.walsh.name. Or not. Only you can decide.

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30 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“Seen today: a hawk, a bear, an owl. #inthecountry”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@JamieXML @OASISopen Thanks.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“After a couple of years in TX, New England is very...green!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @Balisage: Balisage 2014 registration closes today. Come to the Markup Geek-fest; register TODAY. http://www.balisage.net/registration.html questions: info…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@robinberjon Yeah, I can see that as a possibility too. "Extinction is a perfectly natural process."”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @adactio: @rem It’s true and it saddens me. http://chloeweil.com/blog/uptight “It’s like the web is this open hand, but software is this closed f…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@robinberjon Far removed? If some random bunch of lunatics setting one off somewhere populated counts as "war", it's a near certainty.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“Decidedly it will never have been given to me to finish anything, except perhaps breathing. One must not be greedy.”—@dailybeckett
29 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@JeanKaplansky Shocking!”—@ndw
[T] favorited“There are expressions and gestures that can be found nowhere in all of human existence except stock photography.”—@kiphampton
28 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“Science is true whether or not you believe it, but religion is true whether or not it’s true.”—@TheTweetOfGod
[N] posted“The short-form week of 21–27 Jul 2014”
27 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@united @Kellblog Well, maybe it's time to change that policy! Passengers care and you do actually know how to reach us!”—@ndw
[T] favorited“Hey, weird oven. It only goes to 250 degrees. Good thing I only needed to reheat this. [10 mins later] Celsius Jeff! Celsius!!”—@inscitekjeff
[T] favorited“I was upgraded to first class. My seat is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. When you sit, it thanks you in Benedict Cumberbatch's voice.”—@scalzi
26 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“Went to a car boot sale, bought some retro-style nuns' outfits and a Bruce Willis DVD. Old habits, Die Hard.”—@gavinbarber
[T] tweeted“Hotel room to gate in 33 minutes. Shame it had to be the 33 minutes that started at 04:00.”—@ndw
25 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“People who methodically type "3-0" seconds into the microwave, instead of a quick "33," cannot compete in today's cutthroat global economy.”—@adamisacson
24 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@marcosc @sideshowbarker Oh, the imagine markup issue is unrelated to the question of Web Components. And I may still misunderstand picture.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@tabatkins that was supposed to be a reply for context *grumble*. https://t.co/OvikbzFQ28”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Really? Wow. No more donations for you, @Habitat_org”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Time Warner claims 100mb service for same price as 20mb starting next month. I'm sure that was always the plan b4 Google Fiber arrived.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@scalzi I hope you picked "This timeline sucks"”—@ndw
[T] favorited“ORM is a software design pattern popular among people that think it will work this time”—@GonzoHacker
[T] tweeted“@webbr @EileenOttawa I expect so. Might be already. Something that rivals fop shouldn't be too difficult.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@ptsefton Nah. I wouldn't have any other kind!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@marcosc @sideshowbarker No, but the paper that @alexmilowski and I wrote for #Balisage is about impl DocBook with web components!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@marcosc @sideshowbarker Yes. Curiously, DocBook extended the content model of its image markup recently for similar reasons.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“If I ever own a hotel, I will attempt to appoint the rooms with devices that do not have insanely bright LEDs. #unplug #coverwithtowel”—@ndw
23 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@webbr @EileenOttawa I've tested both PrinceXML (oh, the irony) and AntennaHouse's formatter. There are probably others and surely will be.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski I have all kinds of dangerous ideas.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@webbr @EileenOttawa DocBook XML → "for-print" HTML → HTML+CSS formatter → PDF.”—@ndw
[N] posted“DocBook and HTML 5(.x)”
[N] posted“The short-form week of 14–20 Jul 2014”
[N] posted“The short-form week of 7–13 Jul 2014”
[T] tweeted“@EileenOttawa Working group disbanded. Locus of interest/effort clearly CSS.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Have (almost surely) decided the next release of my DocBook toolchain (XSLT 2.0/HTML5) will require XProc, abandon XSL FO.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“A few days ago I posted DocBook V5.1CR3 RELAX NG schemas on docbook(.org). Today I posted an attempt at XML Schemas: 1.0 and (better) 1.1.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“My social media feeds are overrun with news of rallies to stand with Israel or with Gaza. Not a single rally to stand with civilians.”—@meyerweb
21 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@datablick Ha! Not on the same day I got up at 5am, that's for sure!”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski Nope, American.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski AUS-LHR nonstop on BA was the clincher.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Odd to arrive at SFO, which I feel I know well, in a terminal with which I'm completely unfamiliar. (American instead of United)”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@alexmilowski Knock 'em dead, Alex. You got this!”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @siracusa: "I don't think that the fantasy of intellectual property ultimately serves artists or art very well." http://john-mccoy.blogspot.com/2014/07/spilt-tea.html”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“"Time is a machine: it will convert your pain into experience."”—@ndw
[T] favorited“This is why aliens won't talk to us #atheism http://instagram.com/p/qoIa5BwKG2”—@denyreligion
20 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“How often do I make chemistry jokes?... Periodically.”—@SciencePorn
[T] favorited“No, You Don’t Have a Right to be Forgotten https://t.co/cAI0fboNd1”—@dtunkelang
[T] favorited“Real #standards aren't cool until someone declares you dead, or copies you into JSON and claims they invented it. @jonlehtinen @gkirkpatrick”—@JamieXML
[T] favorited“No, not a Constitutional scholar, just…watch this closely. Church…here. State…there. Separate. Would a picture help?”—@StephenKing
19 Jul 2014
[T] retweeted“RT @geoffarnold: This *should* be the Democratic manifesto. Not holding my breath... http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2014/07/19/fightin-words/”—@ndw
18 Jul 2014
[H] pushed master at docbook/docbook
17 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoGoing down easy...and way overprocessedGoing down easy...and way overprocessed”
16 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoNo where to go but upNo where to go but up”
15 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“New Weird Al video is fantastic: Word Crimes https://t.co/YSBGQlwArf”—@codinghorror
[P] PhotoFrame shopping: just [don't] do itFrame shopping: just [don't] do it”
14 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoTreeTree”
13 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“Objective: custard. Achievement: very sweet, slightly scrambled eggs. #dangit”—@ndw
12 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoAlmost fullAlmost full”
11 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoThe roadies fiddled while...The roadies fiddled while...”
[N] posted“Back to Ubuntu”
10 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“American out of office: "I'm on vacation but will check email hourly. Reach me on my mobile." European: "I am unavailable until September."”—@shanselman
[T] tweeted“@apb1704 Don't think that was effected and seems up for me. Still having trouble?”—@ndw
[P] PhotoMoon and cloudsMoon and clouds”
[T] favorited““We have to do the HTML5 blockquote with seven nested tags inside it because, semantics.””—@zeldman
09 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“All is right with the world. Or at least my little corner of it. Weblog and ancillary sites back online. Sorry about that folks.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“You're a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of? ~@porkbeard https://twitter.com/pickover/status/432616504018755584/photo/1”—@pickover
[N] posted“The short-form week of 30 Jun–6 Jul 2014”
[N] posted“The short-form week of 16–22 Jun 2014”
[N] posted“The short-form week of 9–15 Jun 2014”
[N] posted“The short-form week of 23–29 Jun 2014”
[T] tweeted“Got a Sonos:1 for a small shelf. Worried that power cord might be a problem; discovered cord elegantly recessed into the base. #designwin”—@ndw
[P] PhotoOrvietoOrvieto”
[P] PhotoCastelrottoCastelrotto”
[T] retweeted“RT @geoffarnold: Money quote: "This is what happens in a surveillance state: to inoculate themselves against suspicion, people... http://t.…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@peteaven New phone?”—@ndw
[T] favorited“The optimist says the glass is half full. The pessimist says half empty. The scientist says, "why isn't it full of coffee?"”—@SciencePorn
[P] PhotoFountainFountain”
08 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoGarden bouquetGarden bouquet”
07 Jul 2014
06 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“There is nothing more patriotic than exposing unjust and unfair government practices through a free press. That is democracy. It works.”—@codinghorror
[T] tweeted“Note to self: eat more oysters.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“Priority task for the coming week: get my websites back online.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“I have visited most but not all these United States. I sincerely hope that I never have cause to visit Mississippi. I might refuse to go.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“those who don’t There are two types of people in the world: those who understand asynchronous jokes and”—@holman
[P] PhotoObservation or plea?Observation or plea?”
[P] PhotoChicagoChicago”
[P] PhotoChicago beachChicago beach”
[P] PhotoChicagoChicago”
[P] PhotoChicagoChicago”
05 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoNightscapeNightscape”
[P] PhotoAll the way down!All the way down!”
[P] PhotoSkydeckSkydeck”
[P] PhotoNightscapeNightscape”
[P] PhotoNightscapeNightscape”
[T] tweeted“Definitely time to resubscribe to Linux Journal and setup a TOR relay server.”—@ndw
[T] favorited“life wisdom: “Don’t be mean; we don’t have to be mean, because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are” Buckaroo Banzai”—@amyvdh
[P] PhotoDaisyDaisy”
[P] PhotoMillenium ParkMillenium Park”
[P] PhotoMillenium ParkMillenium Park”
[P] PhotoMillenium ParkMillenium Park”
[P] PhotoMillenium ParkMillenium Park”
[P] PhotoMillenium ParkMillenium Park”
04 Jul 2014
[T] retweeted“RT @neiltyson: Enjoying colorful fireworks tonight? Thank Aluminum Barium Calcium Chlorine Copper Iron Nitrogen Oxygen Sodium & Strontium.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @bsletten: Boom! #MaydayPAC”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @dcm: Its this: no matter what the most important issue is to you... its overshadowed by money in politics. This is why https://t.co/bGO…”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@jzawodn Never!”—@ndw
[P] PhotoFerris wheelFerris wheel”
[P] PhotoFerris wheelFerris wheel”
[P] PhotoWillis TowerWillis Tower”
[P] PhotoNavy pier ridesNavy pier rides”
03 Jul 2014
[T] favorited“If your *home page* requests that I “Connect with {Google,Facebook,Email}” before I see anything about your app, you can rot in Hell.”—@pgor
[T] retweeted“RT @mdz: You can donate to @MayOneUS, and help end the corrupting influence of money on politics, via credit card, PayPal or bitcoin.”—@ndw
[T] retweeted“RT @tomcoates: Unless you contribute, https://t.co/1lebkhIoH6 will miss its $5 million goal by ONE DAY! That would suck! Get on it, interne…”—@ndw
[T] favorited“Modern society is (largely) about using science & tech to avoid otherwise natural consequences. GOP explicitly rejects modernity for women.”—@kendall
[T] tweeted“@erikespana I'll see what I can do today. Not sure what the story is...”—@ndw
[P] PhotoO'HareO'Hare”
02 Jul 2014
[T] tweeted“@erikespana I didn't think that was down. Other sites still are :-(”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@phidip No, because JavaScript.”—@ndw
[P] PhotoPride of BarbadosPride of Barbados”
[H] merged request xproc/specification#4
[H] pushed xproc20 at xproc/specification
[H] opened request xproc/specification#4
[H] pushed xproc20 at ndw/specification
[H] pushed xproc10 at xproc/specification
[H] merged request xproc/specification#2
[H] pushed xproc20 at xproc/specification
[H] merged request xproc/specification#3
[H] opened request xproc/specification#3
[H] created xproc20 at xproc/specification
[H] created xproc20 at ndw/specification
[H] opened request xproc/specification#2
[H] pushed xproc10 at ndw/specification
[H] forked to ndw/specification
[H] opened request xproc/steps#1
[H] pushed master at ndw/steps
[H] forked to ndw/steps
01 Jul 2014
[P] PhotoAnother peach pie!Another peach pie!”
[T] tweeted“@phidip Because it means, for example, that I can't administer the router from a shell window with something like links.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“You make a router. It has an admin page. You make the admin page require JavaScript. You are a moron.”—@ndw
[T] tweeted“@kendall So you could participate more viscerally in boycotting them?”—@ndw