Of Historical Interest…

This is where I collect resources that I'm no longer maintaining. I suppose I might pick some of them up again someday. [In your copious free time, —ed]

DocBook IDE

I have no plans for any future work on this package. I have switched to nxml-mode exclusively.



Back in the day, I wrote some tools to sync with my Palm Pilot™ and other PalmOS-based PDAs. They appear to have disappeared under the waves along with sun.com, alas.


I've moved these pages. My travel journal is now on http://norman.walsh.name/.


Webmirror was a tool for making local copies (mirrors) of web documents. It copies the target documents, patching URIs within them so that links function on the local system. Links to documents not copied in the mirror are made absolute so that they will also function correctly from the local system.

It's hard to believe that I felt I had to write one of these myself. But hey, it was back in 2000.

XSL Lint

XSL Lint was a semantic lint checker for XSLT 1.0. Hardly useful these days.