My Java-based tools and applications.


The old Perl version of DiffMk has disappeared under the waves with, but the aging remains of my Java port are still on SourceForge.

I've given up. You want DeltaXML.


JpegRDF reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in the comment section of JPEG images. It can extract, query, and augment the data. Manipulating JPEG images with jpegrdf does not modify the actual image data or any other sections of the file.

The aging remains of this project are still on SourceForge.


The xjparse tool is a simple command-line wrapper for the Xerces XML Schema validator. It accepts several options, notably one which specifies the set of schemas to be used during validation.

As of January 2013, the home page for this project is The sources are hosted at Branch at will!


Ages ago, I moved the “xmlid” project to