XSLT Functions

XSLT extends the set of available functions with these:

node-set document(object, node-set?)

Allows XSLT to access the nodes in another document

node-set key(keyname, object)

Returns the nodes that match object in the specified key

string format-number(number, formatstring, [decimalformat])

Returns the string representation of number using the formatstring specified and the decimalformat (or the default decimal format)

node-set current()

Returns the current context node

string unparsed-entity-uri(string)

Returns the URI of the specified unparsed entity

string generate-id(node-set)

Returns a string which uniquely identifies the specified node, or the first node in document order

object system-property(string)

Returns the value of the specified system property

boolean element-available(string)

Returns true if the specified element is available in the implementation

boolean function-available(string)

Returns true if the specified function is available in the implementation