What's Changed

  • The articleinfo, bookinfo, etc. elements have all been renamed info.

  • The collabname, corpauthor, corpcredit, and corpname elements have all been replaced by orgname and updated content models for author, editor, and othercredit.

  • The graphic, graphicco, inlinegraphic, and mediaobjectco elements have been removed in favor of mediaobject and inlinemediaobject.

  • The isbn, issn, and pubsnumber elements have all been replaced by biblioid.

  • The ulink tag has been replaced by ubiquitous linking (linkend or xlink:href on link).

  • The sgmltag element has been replaced by tag.

  • The following elements have been removed: action, beginpage, highlights, interface, invpartnumber, medialabel, modespec, structfield, structname.

  • HTML and CALS tables are now interpreted correctly