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PS2PK is a utility for converting Type1 postscript fonts into TeX PK files. The source code is distributed and it has been compiled for both *nix boxes and MS-DOS based machines.

Here is the original announcement:

                     Ps2pk-1.2 available
                          (June 1992)

Version 1.2 of ps2pk is now available on: ftp.urc.tue.nl (address: directory: /pub/tex files: ps2pk12.README ( 1k) This file ps2pk12.tar.Z (391k) Sources ps2pk386.zip (232k) MSDOS executables utopia.tar.Z (342k) Adobe Utopia font family courier.tar.Z (207k) IBM Courier font family

For people having difficulties in handling UNIX `.tar.Z' format I have made some UNIX tools (only executables) available in: directories: /pub/unixtools/dos /pub/unixtools/vms

See the system specific TARZ file for some help.

Ftp.urc.tue.nl can not handle E-mail requests. But sites are free to put the ps2pk12 stuff on any server that can.

When do you need ps2pk?

Ps2pk is a tool that converts a PostScript type1 font into a corres- ponding TeX PK font. The tool is especially interesting if you want to use fully hinted type1 fonts in your DVI previewer (instead of the unhinted type1 fonts currently used in GhostScript) or on a printer that has no PostScript interpreter.

In order to use the ps2pk generated fonts your driver and previewer need to support virtual fonts. The reason is that PostScript fonts and TeX fonts do have a different font encoding and handle ligatures in a different way. With virtual fonts the PostScript world (encoding + ligatures) can be mapped to the old style TeX world on which the current plain macro packages still are based (despite the fact that TeX3.0 can handle 8bits). It is also possible to use the ps2pk generated PK fonts directly

Excerpted from The comp.fonts FAQ, Copyright © 1992-96 by Norman Walsh