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SpeedoGDOS is similar to ATM.

Fonts included with SpeedoGDOS 4.x

14 fonts are included with SpeedoGDOS 4.x.

Bitstream Cooper Black, Dutch 801 Roman, Dutch 801 Bold, Dutch 801 Italic, Dutch 801 Bold Italic, Monospace 821, More Wingbats SWC, Park Avenue, Swiss 721, Swiss 721 Bold, Swiss 721 Italic, Swiss 721 Bols Italic, Symbol Monospaced, and VAG Rounded

Fonts included with SpeedoGDOS 5.x

24 fonts are included with SpeedoGDOS 5.x. All fonts included with SpeedoGDOS 4.x plus the following:

American Garamond Roman, American Garamond Bold, American Garamond Italic, American Garamond Bold Italic, AD LIB Regular, Allegro Regular, Amelia Regular, and Cataneo Bold

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