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OS/2 Information

[ed: Except as otherwise noted, the entire OS/2 section of the comp.fonts FAQ List is derived from the ``Draft OS/2 Font FAQ'' posted by David J. Birnbaum.]

This section if the FAQ is Copyright (C) 1993 by David J. Birnbaum. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced here by permission.

[ed: Since this section of the FAQ is wholly derived from David's document, some sections contain information repeated elsewhere in the comp.fonts FAQ.]

David Birnbaum's Introduction

4 June 1993

A couple of weeks ago I posted an inquiry to comp.fonts, comp.os.os2.misc, and the OS2-L ListServ concerning some apparent peculiarities in the way OS/2 handles font files. These "peculiarities" actually reflect regular, systematic differences in OS/2, Windows, and DOS font handling, which are not conveniently described in end-user documentation. This posting is intended to spare others some of the confusion I encountered as a result of this paradigm shift.

This is the first (draft) distribution of this document and corrections and suggestions are welcome. I am grateful to Henry Churchyard, Marc L. Cohen, Bur Davis and Kamal Mansour for helpful discussions; they are not, of course, responsible for any misinterpretation I may have inflicted on their comments.

Excerpted from The comp.fonts FAQ, Copyright © 1992-96 by Norman Walsh