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Converting PC Type 1 fonts into TeX PK bitmap fonts

The release of PS2PK by Piet Tutelaers is a godsend to those of us without PostScript printers. PS2PK converts PC/Unix format Type 1 fonts into TeX PK files. Used in conjunction with the AFM2TFM utility for creating TeX metric files, this allows almost anyone to use Type 1 PostScript fonts. PS2PK is distributed under the GNU License and has been made to run under MS-DOS with DJGPP's free GNU C compiler. The PC version requires a 386 or more powerful processor. Check with Archie for a source near you.

Note: if TeX PK files are not directly usable for you, there seems to be a fair possibility that LaserJet softfonts would be useful. If so, check below for instructions on converting TeX PK files to LaserJet softfonts.

Excerpted from The comp.fonts FAQ, Copyright © 1992-96 by Norman Walsh