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Font Houses

This section will be expanded on in the future. It contains notes about various commercial font houses.

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Systems Incorporated develops, markets, and supports computer software products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print, and communicate electronic documents. Adobe licenses its technology to major computer and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of type and application software products.


See ``Miles, Agfa Division''


Home of Alphabets, Inc., designOnline is the online resource for design. The majority of the interactivity is happening on [their] FirstClass server, currently available by dialup and across the Internet.

Miles, Agfa Division

Compugraphic which was for a while the Compugraphic division of Agfa, is now calling itself ``Miles, Agfa Division'' (yes, the Miles drug company), since CG's off-shore parent Agfa has been absorbed by Miles. So typographically speaking, Compugraphic, CG, Agfa, A-G ag, and Miles all refer to the same company and font library. Their proprietary fonts are still CG Xyz, but the name is Miles Agfa.

Quadrat Communications

Quadrat Communications is a digital type foundry based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [David Vereschagin] began creating and designing type a few years ago, intrigued by the new possibilities presented by Altsys's Fontographer software. [His] first project was the plain style of Clear Prairie Dawn, a sans serif text face, which took three years to complete. As well as designing [his] own faces, [he's] also available for the creation of custom faces.

Excerpted from The comp.fonts FAQ, Copyright © 1992-96 by Norman Walsh