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GNU Font Utilities

Here is a brief description of the programs included:

We need volunteers to help create fonts for the GNU project. You do not need to be an expert type designer to help, but you do need to know enough about TeX and/or PostScript to be able to install and test new fonts. Example: if you know neither (1) the purpose of TeX utility program `gftopk' nor (2) what the PostScript `scalefont' command does, you probably need more experience before you can help.

If you can volunteer, the first step is to compile the font utilities. After that, contact me [ed: Karl Berry] (karl@gnu.ai.mit.edu). I will get you a scanned type specimen image. The manual explains how to use these utilities to turn that into a font you can use in TeX or PostScript.

You can get the source by ftp from any GNU archive site.

You can also order tapes with GNU software from the Free Software Foundation (thereby supporting the GNU project); send mail to gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu for the latest prices and ordering information, or retrieve the file DISTRIB from a GNU archive.

Excerpted from The comp.fonts FAQ, Copyright © 1992-96 by Norman Walsh