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XML Unicode

XML Unicode provides some convenience methods for inserting Unicode characters (in particular for what have traditionally been XML named character entities).

xmlunicode.el and unichars.el

XML Unicode version 1.7, 1 Dec 2005

A more complete and flexible version of what I previously called xmlchars.el.

V1.7 explicitly requires the “cl” package because, well, because it's required. It also tinkers with unicode-smart-single-quote to make the apostrophe part of the cycle.

V1.6 removes the debugging code that accidentally got published in V1.5. :-(

V1.5 fixes a small bug in unicode-smart-single-quote; it wasn't cycling through all three quotes correctly because of a typo in the function definition. Also improves smart semicolon insertion so that it only happens if we're right at the end of a numeric character reference.

V1.4 fixes a small bug in unicode-smart-semicolon.

V1.3 fixes a small bug in the code that tests if point is in a comment and adds a new smart semicolon feature. This will automatically replace numeric character references with Unicode glyphs (if they’re in your glyph list). I recently switched my Emacs font to -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed-*-*-120-*-*-c-*-iso10646-1 and now I have a whole lot more characters in my glyph list.

V1.2 fixes a small bug in smart single quotes and adds convenience functions for entering em-dashes, en-dashes, and horizontal ellipses.


XML Characters version 1.1. Obsolete.

Version 1.1 cycles through straight quotes when smart quoting is used.

This code was inspired by an essay that Tim Bray wrote about getting Unicode characters into Emacs when editing XML. It was also inspired by sgml-input by Dave Love.

It provides “smart quotes”, the ability to easily insert curly quotes, and several mechanisms for inserting special characters.

New in xmlunicode.el:

See the code for more details, such as there are. I blogged it. I blogged xmlchars.el too, but that’s obsolete now.